BooksMakeBooms Custom Books To Help Boom Your Business Or Charitable Cause 

Books Make Booms custom book, The Quest We Share, written, illustrated and published by Michigan artists Richard and Mary Rensberry.

Books Make Booms writes, illustrates, and publishes custom books for small businesses, great causes, charitable groups and even schools.  It is our goal to help your business or group achieve your goals and purposes through the good will and public relations boost a custom book can deliver to your business and community.

Getting yourself out in front and known often requires a town crier like Paul Revere or an entrepreneurial spirit like Johnny Appleseed to spread your personal message throughout your community and beyond. It is letting everyone know you have the valuable final products and services that will fulfill their needs.

Books Make Booms writes, illustrates and publishes custom books to help deliver that message.  Our custom books are written specifically for and about your business or cause, then act as your very own public relations and marketing ambassador.  Our small business marketing strategy is then used to spread the word far and wide like a modern day Paul Revere or Johnny Appleseed.

It is our belief that small business marketing also contains the vital necessity of Public Relations.  Public Relations is the art of making your good products and services well known and well liked by a specific public in need of those valuable final products and services.  Part of public relations and small business marketing is good will, honesty, integrity and genuine care.  Our custom books are designed with this definition of public relations in mind.

The Quest We Share is an example of a customized book we recently created to help Artists For A Better World.

Marketing Idea Shines Bright for Artists For A Better World Custom Books Using Kids Stories

Books Make Booms custom book, Kenaf, Seeding the World, written, illustrated and published by Michigan artists Richard and Mary Rensberry.

Books Make Booms is the creator and developer of the unique niche of writing kids rhymes and stories for small businesses and causes.  These kids rhymes and stories are designed to perform marketing magic by generating affinity, reality and communication about your business.  It is a unique way to disseminate your business across many generations.  Our personalized books, by being inclusive of the whole family, also help create a positive and lasting public relations impression in the present and far into the future.  

We love writing and marketing for local small businesses and in helping build a strong brand for each small business we partner with.  Our specialty, once again, is kids rhymes and stories that deliver your brand's message to new and old customers. Children are something for them to talk and get excited about.

Community Sustainability Is An Important Part
Of Our Custom Books Strategy

We also believe firmly in community involvement and sustainability.

I get my truck fixed at Cliff’s Repair just a few miles down the road.  He didn’t start the business to please shareholders or to separate himself from the operations to play golf and rake in corporate profits.  Cliff started the business to help those in his community because that is what he is good at, and that is why he is a small business success.

We purchase our farm fresh meats from Pampered Beef, also just a few miles down the road.  We buy our eggs and fresh berries from Fairview Berries.  We support our local coffee houses and restaurants.  We buy all of our farming and home needs from our local feed store and local lumberyard.  We love our Amish General Store and Country Corners Bulk Foods.  These are all successful Michigan small businesses dreamed up and started by local residents with the goal to help. 

It does not matter whether you live in a big city or a rural setting like ours, there are community members that have one intention for their business, and that intention is first and foremost, to help and serve those in their community.  We get great pleasure in writing, illustrating and publishing books to help that cause. Custom Books Authors Richard and Mary Rensberry

Books Make Booms authors and artists, Richard and Mary Rensberry.

My wife and I are American authors residing in Fairview, Michigan.  We have written, illustrated and published over thirty books in the last few years.

As book writers, we are driven by our strong desire to help both small businesses and great causes.

We love to build partnerships that are also striving to help.  We feel that purpose to help is the foundation that all successful small businesses are founded upon. 

About Us.

Books Make Booms custom book, Grandma's Quilt, written, illustrated and published by Michigan artists Richard and Mary Rensberry.

BooksMakeBooms would like to help your small business, great cause, or charitable organization with one of our custom books.

We can use our experience and custom book building savvy to create a business specific kids rhyme or story specifically for your organization that can help build affinity, reality and communication directly from your business to your customers.