Marketing Idea Shines Bright for Artists For A Better World

I became certain our marketing idea was a perfect fit with Artists For A Better World (a non-profit organization out of Los Angeles), after I read their goals.

My wife and I, as artists, believe in the same purposes.  All we had to do was step into our artististic shoes and do what we do.  We set out to help Artists For A Better World achieve their goals and pledged to become members of the group.

I immediately sat down and wrote the little rhyme that my wife diligently took to illustrating.  Her light-hearted style astutely captured my words and our custom book was magically born and ready to be presented to the artist organization’s founder, Barbara Cordova. 

When we presented our idea and book, Barbara was intrigued, but said their funds were relegated to other projects. We had no problem with that barrier and began moving forward with publishing the book on purpose only.  An agreement was formed, that if they liked the book, they would in the future raise funds to purchase copies directly from us to sell at their events.

Artists For A Better World loved the book and purchased copies of the book to sell. It proved to be a hit at one of their local events for the arts. Our partnership was born.

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Our Marketing Idea Has Ready-Made Free Advertising For Small Businesses

Because our marketing idea is founded upon a win-win formula, you will get many times over what you get if you were paying an advertising agency to run one of their advertising campaigns.  You pay, they promote and it is over until you pay again.  Unlike their advertising model, we have a very high degree of vested interest in continually selling copies of your businesses’ personalized books.  We reap the rewards along with you. 

All the various advertising we do for your book is free.  As people buy your book it is multi-dimensional advertising for your business.  Every copy that we sell will also get picked-up to be read many times over and that in itself is more free advertising.  The books you sell also help us.  How can a partnership get any better than that?

This small business marketing technique is brand new.  It is a different kind of marketing philosophy than you will find with traditional advertising. For small business owners, this could be what you are looking for.

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Forming Marketing Idea Partnerships

Partnering with like-minded and ethical organizations like Artists For A Better World actually creates what it promotes and stands for, A Better World.

For us, this is a true partnership because as Artists For A Better World succeeds, we succeed.  If we succeed, they succeed.  It is called a win-win situation.  In my estimation relationships don’t get any better than that.

Our goal is to reach and find you if your business or cause shares in our ethical and moral visions.   We cherish working with others to create a better world.  It isn’t all about money, but just like you, we want to flourish and prosper as a small business.  It is about creating as many win-win partnerships as we can sustain.  

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