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Creating a kid's story around a newly opened Michigan coffee house was an interesting challenge because coffee is not naturally a kid's story subject or product.  At first, I thought an educational book about coffee beans would be the ticket, but this approach failed to excite me and fell short of creating any kind of personal attachment between the coffee customer and the coffee house.

Things changed when I went in for a cup of decaf that very afternoon near closing time.  The decaf pot was empty and it would have been an inconvenience to ask the proprietors to brew a fresh pot just for me.  Instead, I ordered a decaf Americano, which as you know comes as an individual brew.  

As I waited, the idea for a coffee house story suddenly dawned on me.  I envisioned a character by the name of Americano standing there on the counter with a big grin on his face.  Then he started strumming his blue guitar and blowing a catchy riff on his harmonica.  I smiled at the nine inch tall fella and gave him a knowing wink.  The culturally diverse Coffee Bean Band was born and I began creating my Michigan coffee house custom book.

It is the job of book writers like Mary and myself to think of creative ways to engage the customer for both entertainment and marketing value.  One Night At The Daily Grind does just that.  We have created a book both engaging to children and adults on the subject of a Coffee House.  Not all businesses lend themselves to a kid's story creation, but as it turns out, coffee served very well.

Michigan Coffee House Book now available One Night At The Daily Grind

One Night At The Daily Grind is the story of the coffee bean stowaways: Americano,Latte, Cappuccino and Hammerhead.  Together they plan to make a huge caffeinated splash in America as The Bean Bag Band.  Find out what shenanigans they get into at the Daily Grind after the proprietors and customers go home for the day.

Just like coffee itself, which is popular and grows in many countries worldwide, I quickly devised characters from France, Columbia, Italy and Jamaica.  Quite the little mix of musically gifted coffee beans for my custom Coffee House book.

Michigan Coffee House Small Business Marketing Solution

The story hooked me and practically wrote itself, so I think most adults and kids will be hooked on it too. 

If you own and operate a coffee house (or any other small business for that matter) and would like to create a custom book and marketing campaign for your small business, please contact us:  maryandrichard@quickturtlebooks.com.  

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