About Books Make Booms Authors Richard and Mary Rensberry

Welcome to About Books Make Booms, Authors, Richard and Mary Rensberry. 

Hi, I am Books Make Booms author and Poet, Richard Rensberry. I am married to Books Make Boom author and illustrator Mary Rensberry.  We make up the Books Make Booms team that is creating and bringing your custom books to life.  

Mary is originally from Texas.  I grew up in Michigan, where we now reside.  We are avid believers in strong family and community values.  We love to write about and draw our inspiration from our local community and environment.  We have authored and published over 30 QuickTurtle Books®.  

Besides our many children's books, I am also the author of City Slicker’s Guide to the Amish Country, Wolfpack Moon and the Love Tree.  

Mary is the author of I Am a Spirit, The Best of Me from a to z, Fowl Art and Nature’s Gift to Humanity.

About Books Make Booms American Writer
Richard Rensberry

Welcome to my about Books Make Booms story.  

I have been writing poetry since the age of twelve and created my first chapbook at the age of fourteen. 

Besides being a writer, illustrator and publisher at Books Make Booms Marketing Strategy, I am currently a freelance writer for Up North Voice, our good news Northeastern Michigan Newspaper, where my focus is on ability.  I like to showcase the entrepreneurial spirit of local businesses.

During my younger years spent in California, I received multiple awards as a fine artist.  I participated in many gallery shows in California and in Michigan.  I now use those skills to paint and illustrate my words to help small businesses grow and thrive.

I have illustrated Big Ships and Keepers Of The LightI am currently at work illustrating books for The Michigan Brown Trout Festival and a concept for Cops and Donuts.

I have also worked in the field of drug prevention and children's human rights.  I am currently a featured author at http://www.michiganlighthouseguide.com/authors.html                                    Many samples of my writing will soon be available here when I begin my blog.

Writing about Books Make Booms businesses fits me like a good pair of boots.  All of our books are designed to carry forward and instill the strong moral and dynamic values of small businesses and worthwhile causes.  This purpose is always forefront in our writing endeavors.  With Mary’s help and illustrations we have authored an abundance of custom books for our local communities and beyond.  With these books and many more to come, I carry forward my poetic bent, my sense of humor and constant belief in our inherent goodness and common sense.  

Mary fills each book with her delightful and playful art to the benefit of readers of all ages.

About Books Make Booms American Writer and Illustrator Mary Rensberry

Welcome to my about Books Make Booms autobiography.

Artist and Author at QuickTurtle Books® and Books Make Booms are my titles, although I like mom and grandma, too.

I was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1952 to the parents of Gerald Anthony Cox and Olga Mary Chapman. My family holds no claim to fame, other than Johnny Appleseed is supposedly in our lineage. I am oldest daughter of four offspring; I have a twin sister, and two younger brothers.

Receiving a Texas Teaching degree in Education in 1975 from Sam Houston State University helped to launch me into the classroom of an elementary school in South Texas where I taught Kindergarten through 2nd grade. I fell in love with the spirit of the child, their innocence and a keen interest in wanting to know about the world around them. They truly gave me so much more than I could give them. Teaching reading was my favorite subject along with recess. I enjoyed playing with the kids just as much as they enjoyed their breaks with me.  Recess taught us valuable lessons in social development, getting along with each other, and respecting our differences.

From there I went on to teach in other capacities and school settings--in parochial school, homeschool and charter school settings. My last teaching assignment after receiving my Master Degree In Education with a specialty in Instructional Technology was in high school on a huge ranch in the Texas Hill Country. These students taught me that it was important to stand up for yourself, to communicate and to enjoy life to the fullest. From each assignment in my professional teaching career, I grasped the meaning and preciousness of life, of respecting all children and their families, and of how diversity brings much more strength to the equation of life itself. I will always look back at this time in my life as one of service and one of devotedness to each child.

After growing up in the city of San Antonio for 16 years, country living appealed to me and I fell in love with nature and all its glory especially its sunsets. It is this fact alone why I decided to settle in the town of Fairview, Michigan, in 2016 along with my husband, Richard. It was pure country appeal.

Now I get a great deal of enjoyment from traveling, experiencing the world, and helping others along the way.  Much of my help is about Books Make Booms.  It has enhanced my devotion to the writing and illustrating of our custom books marketing strategy.  I love the process of illustrating my husband’s poetry and story writing.  The creative nature of adding splashes of color to enhance my husband's dance of rhythm and rhyme is challenging and exciting.  I look forward to sharing and reading our children’s books to school children of all ages.  I am honored by our growing parntnerships with many small businesses here in Michigan and other States.

Recent accomplishments in the field of writing and publishing children’s books has brought notoriety to my latest work entitled, The Best of Me from a-z! Traits and Virtues for Kids. This book won first place in the children’s division in the TCK Reader’s Choice Awards in 2018.

My passion is bringing color and vitality to a world that is so in need of beauty and grace.  My motto, often quoted, could very well be said to be-- “In seeking the Truth, we discover ourselves…in living the Truth, we define ourselves.”

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