Amusement Park Book, Butterfly Stomach

Custom Book for Michigan Amusement Park.  Butterfly Stomach written and illustrated by Books Make Booms authors Richard and Mary Rensberry.

Our amusement park custom book, BUTTERFLY STOMACH, is book 17 in the Rhyme for Young Readers Series presented by QuickTurtle Books®.  This book was inspired and created for The Cedar Valley Wild Frontier Fun Park in Cumins, Michigan.  This park is the second largest amusement park in the State.  It is a great getaway for kids of all ages and our book was designed to educate and entertain children as well as to help build the Cedar Valley Brand.  

Butterfly Stomach stands alone as a delightful kid's rhyme for children, but at the same time this book is a marketing tool for the amusement park.  The book is the carrier wave of Cedar Valley's brand and important marketing information.  It is a fun loving book and business card deluxe.  

The Amusement Park Attraction

Custom Book illustration from Butterfly Stomach by Michigan author and artist Mary Rensberry.

Kids, amusement parks, ice cream and cotton candy are American traditions that will last forever.  Parents love to take their kids to enjoy the amusement park rides and games, and when those kids grow up, they'll take their kids for the same enjoyment that they remembered as a kid.  A Books Make Booms custom book purchased at a particular park is a solid connection that will bring them back to that park for years to come.  

The lasting effects of books are a central aspect of our small business marketing magic formula.  Even if the book sits on a shelf for years, it will eventually end up in someone's hands to rekindle a desire to visit the amusement park attractions of the past.  This is generational brand building for a lasting business.

Having A Book Display In The Amusement Park Adds Present And Future Income 

Custom books written, illustrated and published for Small Business by Books Make Booms artists and authors Richard and Mary Rensberry.

Having a book display in your amusement park gift shop adds a stream of revenue to pay for your custom book small business marketing if you so choose.  Our custom book can be sold or given away in accordance with your personal marketing strategy.  

Amusement Park Lyrics From The Book
Butterfly Stomach

The Roller Coaster dips,                                                                                                 rises and rattles                                                                                                             full of shrieks and screams                                                                                                     from fear high battles.

In the fun putt pond                                                                                                       the polliwogs swim--                                                                                                          presto!  Leopard frogs                                                                                                   all princely and prim.

The merry goes around,                                                                                                      the happy stands up,                                                                                                     the laughter pours out                                                                                                   and rinses life's cup.

In Cedar Town Square                                                                                                   magic's in the air;                                                                                                           the pipers all pipe,                                                                                                         the trumpet horns blare.

The tree toads chant,                                                                                                     the fireflies light,                                                                                                             the crickets all chirp                                                                                                       and the bats take flight.

The merry goes around,                                                                                                       the happy stands up,                                                                                                     the laughter pours out                                                                                                   and rinses life's cup.

The tilt-a-whirl tilts,                                                                                                         the bumper cars bump,                                                                                                    the ferris wheel tops                                                                                                          to make your heart thump.

The popcorn pops,                                                                                                         the cotton candy spins,                                                                                                                            we all stand in line                                                                                                         with our tickets and grins.

The merry goes around,                                                                                                  the happy stands up,                                                                                                     the laughter pours out                                                                                                   and rinses life's cup.

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