Small Business Solution for Creating Bees and Honey Production Success Using Custom Books

QuickTurtle Books® adores bees and honey production.  We believe their industrious spirit and symbiotic contribution of sweetness to mankind is beyond compare.  Some would say that dogs are man’s best friend.  We think bees better fit that role!  

Bee illustration by Books Make Booms illustrator Mary Rensberry.  From the Custom Book BZZZ written by Michigan author and artist Richard Rensberry.

Without bees many of our important ecological systems would be endangered or collapse.  Creating a safe environment for our precious bees and their sweetness is one of man’s necessary roles and responsibilities in order to sustain a healthy living environment for human kind.

We at QuickTurtle Books® and Books Make Booms would like to let you (the beekeepers and honey producers of the world) know that we’d value an opportunity to speak with you about writing, illustrating and publishing a custom book to fit your beekind needs.  A book is an ideal marketing and branding tool for small businesses like yours.  Having a custom book for and about your honey business would go a long ways towards creating strong recognition, reality, and communication with new and established customers.  A book lasts for generations and keeps on giving.  It truly can help bring booms to your business if used as a public relations and marketing ambassador for your bee endeavors.

Helping Build Bees And Honey Production 

Custom book for bees and honey production written, illustrated and published by Michigan authors and artists Richard and Mary Rensberry.

We would like to help build your bees and honey production business and increase your sphere of influence through custom books.  Creating a safe environment and flourishing and prospering honey farms fits our goals and purposes as human beings as well as creative writers and publishers at Books Make Booms.   We hope you will take a moment to check us out and become part of the quest we share community for building a better world and a bee kind legacy.

Bzzzz is a custom book we recently wrote for Apple Bee Farms of Fairview, Michigan. It is both educational and entertaining.  It is also in part a marketing book that is dedicated to their endeavors and tells the Apple Bee Farm story about their honey business.   This book acts as an Apple Bee Farms ambassador for their products and services.

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Looking forward to starting a dialogue on how we can serve your bees and honey production business success.