Kickstarting A Better World Project With Artists For A Better World

The Quest We Share

Custom book for the worthwhile cause of Artists For A Better World.  Writtien, illustrated and published by Books Make Booms authors and artists Richard and Mary Rensberry.

This better world project is for helping children understand their role as better world artists.  Young artists will soon inherit the role of building a better world.  The Quest We Share is a delightful children's book that inspires, uplifts and sets goals for a whole new generation of artists.  It was created in a collaboration between Books Make Booms and Artists For a Better World.  It is part of the Rhyme for Young Readers Series published by QuickTurtle Books®.  

Look inside the book The Quest We Share

Custom book illustration for the custom book The Quest We Share.  Illustrated by Michigan Artist and author Mary Rensberry.

I have an idea

big and profound,

to build me a ship

to fly world around.

Custom book illustration for the custom book The Quest We Share.  Illustrated by Michigan Artist and author Mary Rensberry.

I'll strum my guitar

and patter* my drum,

put tap in their feet

and snap in their thumb.

*patter- make rapid taps

Custom Book illustration for The Quest We Share.  Illustrated by Michigan author and artist Mary Rensberry.

I'll take swatches* of red

and swatches* of sweet;

I'll paint big smiles

on the people I meet.

* swatches-  sample of clothe or other material such as paint

Recent Review By One Of Our Reviewers

I really love your illustration for "I'll strum my guitar..."!

It is all wonderful!

I love the simple glossary at the end and the link to Artists for a Better World.  I'll tell Louis about the poetry contest...I even have one of my own.

Grand work.

The Better World Project

Books Make Booms Custom book- The Quest We Share at an Artists For A Better World event in Los Angeles, California.

Artists are civilization builders and  visionaries.  Without artists the world would be a drab and dismal place.  Can you imagine a civilization without music, without poetry or without books?  That would be no civilization at all.  The strength of artists can be found in their ability to build and maintain a flourishing better world project.

The Quest We Share authors Mary and Richard Rensberry invite you and your artist friends to become members of Artists For A Better World.  

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