Have You Dreamt of Being a Published Book Writer?

If you are an aspiring children's book writer?  QuickTurtle Books® is offering a book publishing and royalty contract to the best kid's rhyme submitted to Books Make Booms per our contest rules by the closing date of Sept 30th, 2020. The winning kid's rhyme will then be illustrated and published by QuickTurtle Books® in both paperback and ebook formats to be sold on Amazon.   

Book Writer Aspirations

Words are magic.  They are the ships on which we set sail into uncharted waters and fantastic new worlds.  They are the shape of our past, present and future.  Words are creation itself and the mirrors of everyone's soul.   

If you are a writer, you have written, and you know what I am talking about. 

As a book writer you have something valuable and worthwhile to say and share with the world.  You want to enlighten and brighten someone's day.  You want to step beyond the mundane and imbue the majesties of life into the world of each and every life you touch.  You want to grant children the opportunity to grasp the essence of who they are and who they can aspire to become.  

You are the hero and the heroine of their dreams.

If You Don't Write It, It Will Not Be Written.

If You Don't Submit It, You Cannot Win.

If It Is Published, Someone Will See It.

Book Writer Rules

Book Writer Contest Rules

1.     Your children's book must be written in a kids rhyme pattern that rhymes the last word of line 2 with the last word of line 4 of each 4 line stanza*.  Your potential book must contain 8 to 12 four line stanzas to qualify.  It must be written in English.  Any violations of this rule will disqualify your submission.

2.     Your submission must be original work and never published currently or previously.  To prevent future copyright violations, we request the work for this competition not be simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere.  If your work wins the competition, we will need an affidavit stating it is original and unpublished.

3.     The book must be fitting and appropriate for the age group 4 years to 8 years.   Age approriateness is far from a science and is a relative commodity.  Use your best judgement.  Absolutely no profanity or amoral topics.

4.     The fee for each individual book submission is $6.00 American.  You can enter more than once, but each additional submission is also $6.00 American.  Submission payment can be done via PayPal or by check at time of submission.  We do not accept credit cards and cannot honor requests for entry refunds.  

The email address for our PayPal is maryandrichard@quickturtlebooks.com  

5.     Your submission must be post marked no later than September 30th, 2020 and mailed to QuickTurtle Books, 330 Schmid Road, Fairview, Michigan 48621.  If you pay by PayPal your submission can be sent via e-mail to maryandrichard@quickturtlebooks.com or submitted via the form at the bottom of this page.      

6.     Each submission must include:  payment, name, address and email address. 

7.     The winner will be announced and posted on our website as well as notified in writing by November 15, 2020. No formal response will be made to non-winning entries, but results will be posted here on our website.  We will also consider other entries for possible publication and you will be notified if you are under consideration.  No entries will be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  At contest end all remaining entries will be destroyed.

8.     The winning entry will be illustrated and published by QuickTurtle Books®.  The winning entry will also receive royalties from books sold on Amazon, both in paperback and ebook formats.  

9.     QuickTurtle Books® is the sole creator and judge of the competition.

*stanza- arranged according to a fixed plan, verse of a poem

Once the winning entry is illustrated and published, there is no guarantee of sales.  Books simply do not sell themselves.  It takes passion and verve to market and sell a book.  We hope that you as the author will take it upon yourself to do the needed actions to promote and sell your work.  You are the author, we are the illustrators and publisher. 

QuickTurtle Books® will also promote your book on our on-line sites as well as at our live events.  You will have a page devoted to your book here on our website.  We promote all of our books in this fashion, which at the time of this writing total more than 30 different titles.  

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