Book Writers Richard and Mary Rensberry

As book writers we decided to turn our talents towards helping small businesses flourish and prosper.

Our custom books are all about marketing your small business for success as well as telling a good story or creating an appealing kids rhyme for a multi-generational appeal.   

Book Writer and Illustrator Richard Rensberry

Books Make Booms author Richard Rensberry reading from a custom book.

I began writing in grade school.  It was a progression from my love of reading when  I discovered I could borrow books from the school library.   My favorite thing to do was to write book reports about Indian Chiefs or famous inventors like Ben Franklin or Thomas Edison.  

I fell in love with Edgar Allen Poe, Walt Whitman and Herman Hesse.

At the age of fourteen I had created my first chapbook of poetry full of rebellious undercurrents as I attempted to find myself and my place in life.   

I graduated from high school and went to college to study Parks and Recreation instead of writing.   Then as a senior in college, I found myself in front of a Michigan State University english professor who was offering an advanced poetry class by invitation only.  I had spontainously applied for a spot in his class by knocking on his door with a stack of my poetry under my arm.  

He graciously agreed to read some of my work as I sat on a chair in the hall.  After a while he waved me into his office and handed me an invitation.  He said, "I think you would be great for this class."  

That is how I ended up in an advanced poetry class, ruffling the feathers of all the by-passed english majors, instead furthering a career in Parks and Recreation.

Lighthouse painting, Holland Michigan's Big Red Lighthouse.  Lighthouse art by Michigan artist Richard Rensberry.

I also like to paint with colored inks and whatever else I have at hand to throw into the lot.  I have illustrated one of my lighthouse books and another about ships.  I mostly leave the illustrtating up to my wife, Mary.

Keepers Of The Light and Big Ships

Book Writer and Illustrator Mary Rensberry

Books Make booms author and illustrator Mary Rensberry displaying custom books created for Small Business Marketing.

This seems to be the perfect time and place to tell you a little about myself as a book writer and illustrator.

I was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1952 to the parents of Greald Anthony Cox and Olga Mary chapman.  My family holds no claim to fame other than Johnny Appleseed is suppose to be in our linage.  I am the oldest of four offspring, having a twin sister, and two younger brothers.

After growing up in the city for 16 years, country living appealed to me and I fell in love with nature and all its glory, especially sunsets.  It is this fact alone why I decided to settle in the town of Fairview in 2016 along with my husband, Richard.  It was pure country appeal.

Autumn art by Michigan artist and author Richard Rensberry.

Enjoyment comes from traveling, experiencing the world, and helping others along the way.  I look forward to sharing and reading children's books with school children of all ages.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to illustrate Richard's poetry and story writing by adding a splash of color to enhance the dance of his rhythm and rhyme.  After so many years of working with kids, they taught me the value of simplicity.  Kids see things not so much as they are, but as they appear.  That is a valuable lesson in communication.

  Together as book writers, Richard and I have written, illustrated and published over 30 books.

Best of Me Kid's book by Michigan author Mary Rensberry.

Recent accomplishments in the field of writing and publishing children's books has been my latest work entitled, The Best of Me from a-z!  Traits and Virtues for Kids.  This book won first place in the children's division in the TCK Reader's Choice Awards 2018.  

My passion is bringing color and vitality to a world that is so in need of beauty and grace.

My motto, often quoted, could very well be said to be--"In seeking the Truth, we discover living the Truth, we define ourselves."

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