Brand Building In Rural Areas 

Brand building in rural areas can be turned into profits and good will for businesses using stories for a means of creating and disseminating their brand.  Books Make Booms was founded on this exact principle that books produce booms for business.

How often have you seen successful people using their books as a front lines tool for disseminating their brand.  A prime example is our current president, Donald Trump. He had several books that preceded his rise to the presidency of the United States.  Many of us had already read and agreed or disagreed with his philosophy before his ascendancy.   The Art of The Deal is synonymous with Donald Trump, no matter what one thinks of him.  

We have a page on this website called What Should I Do With My Custom Book?  I recommend reading this page as a primer to understanding the potential of how you can use a book to help boom your business. 

Another useful page for understanding the role of books in business is Custom Books.

Brand building in rural areas like Onaway, Michigan is being achieved through the use of our books Kenaf, Seeds for Life and Kenaf, Seeding The World.  If you do a Google search of kenaf books, you will find images and stories about our books right at the top of the search.  The books, written for Kenaf Partners USA, are creating visibility for their future Kenaf seed growing and industrial applications.  We partnered with Kenaf Partners USA about a year ago just for this specific purpose.  The successes have been rolling in across many avenues.  Our most recent success of having Kenaf, Seeding The World, translated into French for farmers in Togo, Africa has been a boon for Kenaf Partners USA in visibility and as a potential seed source well into the future.  

Successful Brand Building In Rural Areas With Kenaf Finds Industrial Hemp Entrepreneur In Indiana.

Books Make Booms will soon be writing a new kids book for industrial hemp education and its potentialities after an industrial hemp entrepreneur saw our books about Kenaf on Kenaf Partners USA website.  This kind of reach generated from our kenaf books is a testament to the power of business specific custom books.   We expect many more successes for Kenaf Partners USA and the kenaf and hemp industrial buildout for the many thousands of industrial uses for these plants.  

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