Brand Building In Rural Areas Need Not Be A Daunting Challenge

Brand building in rural areas has its challenges and rewards.  The challenges can be quite dramatic if you are a new business in town.  Small town residents do not readily or rapidly adjust to change.  If they have been patronizing certain businesses for many years, it is rather difficult to change that habit and pattern.  Your coffee may be much better than at the cafe or coffee shop they patronize, but the familiarity is not.  They will stick with their habitual familiarity unless you can creatively lead them to do otherwise.

What can you do to entice them?  There is always the free give-aways to get them to walk through the door.  You can offer something free like a free cup of coffee with a meal.  That way, they get to taste your great coffee and you get paid for the meal and desert.  If the meal is good, they are likely to come back and pay for the coffee next time.

One important thing that you always need to consider is the familiarity; for a new business it has yet to be established.  Good manners, good service, being interested in who they are and what they do goes a long ways toward establishing that desired familiarity.  It begins your foundation for building a strong brand.  Having marketing tools and our marketing idea in your marketing tool box can help build that desired familiarity.

Our Books Can Be Key to Brand Building in Rural Areas

Books Make Booms brand building book table manned by author and illustrator Mary Rensberry.

It is always our goal to help you build a sustainable brand for your business through our custom books small business marketing solution.   

When first starting a business, advertising costs can quickly escalate and put you at risk of failure.  Newspaper ads can be very expensive and ineffective in their initial stages just because of the aforementioned familiarity equation.  Nobody is familiar with you, so you and your ads are virtually invisible.  That is why offering something for free can make you stand out in the crowded ad space.  People like free stuff.

Free stuff has been around for a long time.  Businesses offer free pens, free coffee cups, free calendars, etc. to entice their customers.  We think offering a free custom book to your patrons is even a better business marketing idea.

Offering a Free Book for Brand Building in Rural Areas Is Worth the Time and Cost

Custom book for Michigan coffee shop, written, illustrated and published by Michigan authors and artists Richard and Mary Rensberry.

We think our marketing idea of offering a free custom built kid's book about your business to customers is a great brand building opportunity.  Giving them your personalized book when they purchase your product or service is superior to expensive newspaper advertising for a variety of reasons.  

     A kids book is appealing to the whole family. 

     It is not transitory like a newspaper ad; it is lasting.  

     A witty or whimsical book related to your business helps build new multi-generational relationships that all businesses need and want.   

All of our custom books are built for and about your business.  We always try to incorporate your business name into the book’s title for maximum appeal and brand building.  We include all your business contact information as well as a dedication page to your business on the inside of the book. 

We want to create as much affinity, reality and communication as possible between you and your customers.

Just like you, we will also promote and get the book into as many hands as possible.  We sell the book at our events. We promote your book on social media and offer ebook give-aways to spread the word about your business well beyond your local community.

The cost factor of giving away free books is not nearly as expensive as funding continuous newspaper ads.  

Unlike newspaper ads that get tossed into the trash or the recycle bin, our books are saved, treasured and lasting.  They establish a personal connection with your customers that is remembered and carries well into the future.  

Offering customers your free custom book creates that all encompassing familiarity we were talking about.  That familiarity lends itself to repeat and multi-generational customers for your business.  That is how books are a boost to brand building in rural areas.

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