Creative Children Building
A Better World

Books Make Booms kid's book Colors Talk, written, illustrated and published by Michigan authors and artists Richard and Mary Rensberry.

Building a better world has always been on the shoulders of artists.  It is not politicians, armies, universities or industry that drive the true purposes of man.  It is creative thought or art.  Creative artists are the ones that imagine a better world and then create the future through imagination.  Once imagined, others then set out to build it.  

The imagination of children is without bounds.  It would be wise for us to nuture this creative drive and ability within them, ourselves, our homes and our schools for building a better world.  Kids routinely come up with blatantly obvious things we should all be aware of, yet we are sometimes blind to the obvious unless they happen to point it out to us.  An example of this, was when my 2 year old grandson told me colors talk.  On the surface, it sounds a bit fantastic, but if you really look and perceive, it is exactly what they do.  Colors tell us all manner of things about beauty, emotions and moods, even if we aren't listening.  Their vocabulary is quite interesting and huge.  Just think what the world would be like if colors actually couldn't talk.

Kid's Rhyme book Colors Talk   

Banding Together Makes For Building A Better World

Better World Project custom book, The Quest We Share, written, illustrated and published by Michigan authors and artists Richard and Mary Rensberry.


Artists for a Better World (AFABW), a global group of artists who go above and beyond to improve conditions in the world, launched a book on their web site about children and art by Michigan author Richard Rensberry of Books make Booms, called The Quest We Share, it is also available in our bookstore.

While there are many venues for children to do art, there are misconceptions alleviated by this book. The climate in the art world misses important aspects of art, by relegating art to "feel good" or 'therapy" or by dismissing it as irrelevant or by trying to monetize it.

The new book, written by Richard Rensberry specifically for AFABW, sheds light on aspects of art that make it vital. 

Rensberry said, “My wife and I are artists ourselves and we feel that artists carry a responsibility for building a better world. There has been so much corporate and special interest manipulation of what constitutes art as being art that the real purpose of art has been lost. Something I have been trying to create my whole life is a Renaissance; I want a new generation of artists to understand their importance to the future of a sane and happy human race. The Quest We Share imparts the goals and creative spirit of an Artist For A Better World.”

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