Business Marketing and Custom Books

Books Make Booms custom books for small businesses, written, illustrated and published by Michigan authors Richard and Mary Rensberry.

If you think about business marketing and custom books, what is the agreement in society regarding books?

A book is apparently more knowledgeable than a person.  That is the perception.  

To most people, a book is knowledge.  It knows things that someone can then read, duplicate and know for themselves.  By having a custom book about and for your business, you are filling that void of deficient knowledge and lack of reality about your business .  A book is an ice breaker that displaces skepticism with affinity.  A custom book is a way of bridging your business from a lack of communication to an abundance of communication, and with communication comes a greater reach and affinity toward your business and you.  

It doesn’t so much even matter about the book’s content as long as it has enough solidity for people to hold in their hands.  Solidity is equal to reality in the sense that a solid object is more real than an idea alone.  This solidity becomes equated with your business.

At Books Make Booms we take this truth even further by enhancing this solidity with a second agreement, and that agreement is that family and children are a thread that runs through every single one of our lives.  This is important because it is families as well as individuals that are your customers no matter the products and/or services of your business.  Thus, our focus has gravitated towards “children’s books”.

Business Marketing and Kid's Stories

Books Make Booms author and artist Richard Rensberry in Mackinac Michigan.

At first glance, it may have occurred to you that business marketing and kid's stories seem a bit non sequitur, but that is far from the truth when one looks at the purposes behind doing business in the first place.  Small businesses are in the business to serve the needs of their customers.  They build relationships of good will with their communities through excellent customer care and public relations.  In this regard, the inclusion of families and children into your business story can reap huge rewards for any business on the small business marketing and advertising fronts.  

Books Make Booms is designed for businesses wishing to create on this whole new tier of good will.   This marketing idea works on multiple levels to help create customer trust and loyalty for generations to come.  

Business Marketing and Your Business

Books Make Booms custom book for Michigan coffee shop owner.  Written, illustrated and published by Richard and Mary Rensberry.

A recent example of the power and workability of our marketing strategy happened at Made In Michigan Market.  This is one of many events we do to get our books into people’s hands.  In this particular instance, the grandparents of several children purchased copies of our custom book— One Night at the Daily Grind.  These grandparents happen to live just down the street from the coffee house, but they had never been there before.  They had had no communication with the coffee shop and very little reality.  They did not know the Daily Grind also served lunch.  That we had done a book with a setting at The Daily Grind was even more intriguing.  They left with their copies and with plans to take their grandchildren to the Daily Grind for lunch.   Communication (the book) raised their reality on the coffee house and when it became more real to them, their affinity went up enough to want to go there.  That’s Books Make Booms small business marketing magic using custom books!

Business marketing and your business success, will of course, greatly rely on what you do with your book.  Doing your part in using and distributing your custom book in creative ways is by far in your best interest.  I have included a valuable link that should be of help in generating your own personal  custom book marketing strategy.    What Should I Do With My Custom Book?