Caterpillar Dreams Poem

 Caterpillar Dreams

I have captured the sunrise

in caterpillar dreams.

I have fashioned the sunset

to the making of wings.

I sleep in a blanket

sewn of chrysalis silk,

I am nurtured by sunlight

and sweet sticky milk.

I have visions of roses

and pink peonies.

My thoughts bring beauty 

as bright as I please.

High above rancor 

and human endeavor,

I dream to unfold 

in Heaven forever.

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Caterpillar Dreams Come True

As September comes to a close, the caterpillars dream has come true.  He has earned his wings and as a monarch, he has begun his journey from Michigan to Mexico.  

He has journeyed from his milkweed home to color the Tawas Point Lighthouse grounds.  He has paused to muster his energy and join his brethren for his long, migration south.  

These tiny and fragile creatures yet face the arduous task of flitting their way over a thousand miles of hazardous terrain.  They will face storms of wind, rain, predators, cityscapes and heat.  They will press onward, driven by genetics and purpose.  Many, many of them will somehow survive.

Caterpillar Dreams Take shape in If I Were A Caterpillar Rhyming Book For Children.

Our book If I Were A Caterpillar is a rhyming book journey of a caterpillar before arriving at Tawas Point.  It is the journey of a caterpillar from milkweed to monarch.    

Living in the countryside of Michigan, caterpillar dreams are common place.  But for those that reside in the city, this caterpillars's living miracle is far from everyday experience.  I hope If I Were A Caterpillar is worthy in its presentation of the caterpillar's journey.

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