Caterpillar Dreams

A caterpillar dreams of becoming a butterfly in this illustrated kids rhyme that I wrote about a monarch butterfly caterpillar.   

In If I Were A Caterpillar, the caterpillar larvae is going through caterpillar metamorphosis, dreaming of the day he will fly.  He is dreaming of becoming the regal monarch butterfly he knows he is destined to be.  He is reveling in that great and glorious day when he will unfold his precious wings into a brand new world full of adventures and delight.

Upon first publishing the book, a reader wrote a critical review about how a caterpillar can't dream!

Wow! I thought.  How bizarre someone would want to deny a caterpillar and a child their dreams.  A child inherently understands and lives this concept of imagination.  He will tell you with certainty that a caterpillar does dream, and those dreams are just as colorful and miraculous as his own!  

A child believes we can be anything we decide to be.  And who is to say that a caterpillar didn't dream themselves into becoming a butterfly?

Caterpillar Dreams of My Own

A monarch caterpillar eating a milkweed is the beginning of caterpillar metamorphosis.  

When I was a kid I searched the underside of milkweeds to find these colorful creatures to take to school for show and tell.  

A Look Inside Caterpillar Dreams

A monarch butterfly caterpillar cocoon.  It looks like a lttle temple where magic is born.  And as a kid, I took the milkweed branch and their little temple home with me and put them in an aquarium.  

I watched their dreams come true.

If I Were A Caterpillar,

I'd make my legs grow strong

and wiggle with antennae

to find my way along.

A recent reader's review of Caterpillar Dreams

I just read "If I Were a Caterpillar." Just wonderful! Monarchs are miracles of nature. Well done on this celebration of them. I can hear the wonderful conversations about the milkweed and the chrysalis now. Such marvelous data to pass on to the children. 

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