Childrens Fable For Modern Times

Children's fable How The Snake Got Its Tail book cover. Written by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.

Our Childrens Fable, How The Snake Got Its Tail, tackles some of the unpopular truths about the effects  marijuana use can have especially on the behavior of children.  

Contrary to the promiscuous attitudes generated by Hollywood and Pop Music culture towards marijuana and other drugs, this little book tells it differently in exactly seventy-six words.

Most kids have an inherent knowingness about right and wrong, about truth and lies, and certainly about the altered states and irresponsibilities caused by drugs such as marijuana.  This fable book for kids is reinforcement of the inherent good and truth that resides in us all.  Reason tells us that our natural state of a clear body and clear mind is far better than any drug could ever induce. 

How The Snake Got Its Tail is a short fable poem meant to be easily recited and remembered by young children, children in early grade school that you would never think of as being exposed to marijuana at such a tender age.  Unfortunately, the reality of grade school innocence is no longer a norm in our biochemical and electronically plugged-in society.  Innocence and purity is rare.  Kids are exposed to marijuana as early as first and second grade instead of as teenagers or young adults..  Sad, but true.  We live in a degraded and drugged society in desperate need of a reality change.

Parenting is more challenging than ever.  Truth has been and continues to be buried beneath false data and propaganda generated by special interests and huge corporate profits.  The mass media is bought and paid for by those same special interests through advertising whether you want to believe it or not.  The basic truth about drugs is-- they are all poison and street drugs such as marijuana are extremely dangerous and detrimental to societal values and moral harmony.  

A Look Inside Childrens Fable
How the Snake Got Its Tail

Children's Fable illustration from How The Snake Got Its Tail by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.

To and Fro were not alike         To liked day, Fro liked night.

Children's Fable illustration from How The Snake Got Its Tail by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.

To had laughs           Fro had coughs

To has won        Fro has lost

Is A Childrens Fable Really A Fable?

Ask those with families destroyed by drugs and alcohol.  Ask the police.  Ask the mothers and fathers of the millions of homeless and addicted kids.  Ask the ghost of Amy Winehouse and all the other popular "Icons" that succumbed to drugs.  There is nothing glamorous or noble about such weakness and false purposes.  Life is full of riches and joys, and neither marijuana nor alcohol are assets to that fulfilling purpose.   

Children's fable How The Snake Got Its Tail back cover.