Christmas Rhyme Stocking Stuffers

I Wish It Were Christmas is a Christmas Rhyme in the wintertime about a Christmas tree's wishes. 

I always loved to see a comic book or a paperback sticking out of the top of my stocking on Christmas morning.  It is a day to sip eggnog, read and open gifts beside the fireplace as Christmas music lingers with the aromas of turkey and green bean casserole.  I remember the delight in finding a new Dr. Seuss or Spiderman comic I hadn't yet read.

Even little Christmas trees want to join in the festivities of Christmas fun.  Their perfume always permeates the house.

A Look Inside I Wish It Were Christmas

A Christmas Rhyme For All Year Long

Christmas Christmas Everyday inspires the giving spirit all year long.  There are many gifts that transcend the physical and those of the heart are timeless and treasured.

This Christmas rhyme for kids book, written and illustrated by Mary Rensberry, is a reminder of the gifts we all can share.  Love, laughter, friendship, and much, much more.  It is for children and adults of all ages.

Christmas Rhyme Reviews For
 Christmas Christmas Everyday

"This is a very sweet and endearing book!  I love the hand drawn and simple illustrations.  The sentiment and lesson is timeless as well as timely.  The Christmas spirit can be held and shared every day and all year long without diminishing the holiday.  Can't wait for the next book in the series!  K.T. (Amazon Customer)

"A great little book to have in your children's library. Such a positive message, and easy read for young ears to enjoy listening to, and slightly older eyes to enjoy reading! Cute illustrations!"  Bonnie StPierre (Amazon Customer)

"Lovely book. Very simplistic in it's message, yet very powerful. We all could learn from this lovely children's book."  Lori Ann Hardwick-Hill (Amazon customer)

"Perfect for the little one's bedtime or anytime. A cute little rhyming book that has message of caring mixed in."  Sheila Lirette (Amazon Customer)

"Once again, Mary & Richard have created a wonderful book for all ages! Simple yet insightful on how we all should treat each day. Uplifting & positive all rolled into one! Thank you! Made my day!"  Stacey (Amazon Customer)

This is a sweet little book with the purpose of making giving to others by words and actions an everyday event. This is a short book ideal for a toddler.  I was given this book in return for my honest review.  Cathy (Book Reviewer)

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