Custom Book Marketing Help

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Custom book marketing help is a must when it comes to launching your business's custom book to the general public.  One vital strategy has to include your business and staff promoting the book through all your business's channels via email lists, social media pages and on site whether it be brick and mortar or a website. 

In order for books to make booms, they have to be seen, read and responded to.  If their cost can be absorbed as part of your monthly public relations and advertising budget, then one can afford to give them away as mentioned in our article What Should I Do With My Custom Book?

If your advertising budget is less extravagant and you need and/or want to sell the book as part of your custom book marketing strategies, we recommend seeking professional help.  There are many approaches one can take, whether doing the promotion oneself or hiring professionals to do the marketing for you.  

Books do not just sell themselves; it takes targeted actions just like anything else to make them accessible, as well as needed and wanted by your business's public. 

Custom Book Marketing Help Answers

To fulfill your custom book marketing help needs, Books Make Booms has searched out what we think is a great asset for both your Books Make Booms custom book and your business as a whole.

Books Make Booms is proud to partner with Farrow Communications.  Their many programs are layered for those who are just beginning or are serious about making their book make booms.  Below we have shared a couple links for you to connect with Dave Farrow and his staff of specialists.  They have different options for getting your book into the big leagues for much less expense than the big city advertising firms.

Dave Farrow is noted for his impeccable memory and mastermind.  He has   personally been on over 2000 media interviews, including multiple appearances on Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey, the Today Show, Fox and Friends, CBS Early Show, Live! With Regis and Kelly, BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, The CW, QVC, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, and was the star of a CBC documentary. Most recently, Farrow won the $50,000 prize on the new hit show SuperHuman on Fox.

Follow these links: and to take action and get started.

They specialize in getting book authors and their books into the public eyes via multiple media channels.  I hope you take advantage of their services and may your book make booms for you and your business.