What Is Free Advertising For Small Business?

Word of mouth has always been the king of free advertising for small business.  I once virtually founded and grew a prosperous business on word of mouth alone.  Newspaper ads only tied up my time on dead end conversations with people who wanted not the best product and services but the cheapest.  I never compromised quality for cheap.  Those people were not my public.

Books Make Booms Michigan author and artist Richard Rensberry in Mackinac City.

Newspaper, TV, Radio, etc. will never create the same kind of customers that come to your door through word of mouth.  Word of mouth customers have already decided on your products and services.  They are ready to buy what you offer and most likely will.  That is the best new customer you could ever hope for as a business owner.

Custom book Kenaf, Seeds for Life by Michigan author and illustrator Mary Rensberry.

We at Books Make Booms want you to think word of mouth because that is the kind of free advertising for small business a custom book can deliver.  A book can be used just like a person to deliver a powerful message as to who you are as a business and a person.  It can communicate on a personal level, that advertising in a newspaper will never accomplish.  

Books are the next best thing to word of mouth.

Kenaf Partners USA

How does a book deliver free advertising for small business?

Books Make Booms Custom Book "If I Were A Lighthouse" by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.  Illustrated by Mary Rensberry.

The free advertising inherent in a book should become obvious when you look at its longevity versus a newspaper ad that gets tossed in the trash or the recycle bin.  Your ad is usually not seen.  

Books are not like that.  They are not thrown away, they are saved and passed around.  They are loaned to friends and associates.  They are read time after time.  

We at Books Make Booms write children’s books. We create a Kids books about and for your business that can deliver Public Relations power to the right kind of customer.  These are customers who want to know who you really are.  They are looking for a business relationship and not the cheapest thing around.


Custom book BZZZ created for Apple Bee Honey of Fairview Michigan.  Written by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.  Illustrated by Mary Rensberry.

A custom book in customer hands creates Affinity, Reality and Communication directly between them and you.  It is a direct line from you to them without having to constantly go through all the expense of hit and miss newspaper ads.

That is free advertising for small business that will keep on giving well into the future.

Building loyal customers should be the goal of any small business.  It is the repeat customer that is a business’s bread and butter.  These are valuable fans that do not need paid advertising to get them to walk through the door.  They come because they already know something about you.  A Books Make Booms Custom Book built specifically for your business is something special you sell or give to new and old customers to build stronger public relations.

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