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We have free pdf books to view as samples from our custom book portfolio.  We offer these publically in good faith.  All the writing and illustrations are the creations of and copywrited by Books Make Booms and QuickTurtle Books®.  Please honor our intellectual and Internet properties by requesting permission for their use outside of our website.

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Published by:  QuickTurtle Books LLC®

Grandma's Quilt Free PDF Book

Quilting warms our hearts in many ways and this rhyming kid’s book is a gift that keeps on giving just like Grandma’s wonderful quilts.  The heritage of quilting is still alive and well and being passed down from generation to generation in communities far and wide.  This rhyme for kids book is for ages 5-8.

Read your free pdf here.

Paperback is available here.

Butterfly Stomach Free PDF Book

This custom book was created for and dedicated to Wild Frontier Fun Park of Comins, Michigan.  They are the second largest amusement park in Michigan.

Read your free books pdf of Butterfly Stomach here.

The book is available in paperback here, as well.

Kenaf, Seeds for Life Free PDF Book

This custom book was created for Kenaf Partners USA of Onaway, Michigan.  They are working to advance the seed growing, farming and industrial uses for kenaf and industrial hemp.

Read your free copy of Kenaf, Seeds For Life here.

The book is available in paperback here, as well.

For more information on Kenaf Partners USA

Free PDF, If I Were A Book

If I Were A Book is a kid's rhyme for validating and building the imagination.  

Kids personify all nature of things and a book is no different.  Books open doors to brand new worlds and wonderful friends.

Free PDF

Go Ask Boris, The Golden Stallion Free PDF Book

This custom book was created for the purpose of helping vulnerable-aged kids understand the dangers of vaping.  We are looking for a sponsor or drug educational cause for this book.  If you are that group or cause, please contact us here.

In The Golden Stallion Jeepers Creepers has to come face to face with Dooffus The Rat, the neighborhood drug dealer.  The Golden Stallion can prove to be an irrestible allure and Jeepers Creepers has to come to terms with his own inner demons and doubts.

Read your free pdf book of The Golden Stallion here.

           This book is also available in paperback, here.

           Drug Free World Link for much more on the truth about drugs.

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