A Ghostwriter Can Help

A ghostwriter can help create that custom book your business needs for good Public Relations and small business marketing magic to boom your business.  Books are your front line ambassadors of good will and entertaining information about your business's products and services. 

What does a ghostwriter do?

Books Make Booms Ghostwriter; Michigan author Richard Rensberry.

Ghostwriter means a person who has the job of writing material for someone else who becomes the named author (You).  Famous people do it all the time.  Ghostwriters have written books for presidents, movie stars, sports greats, and all sorts of personality brands known around the world.  Even best selling authors are not always the writers of all the books with their names on them.  Ghostwriters write the material for them.

That's what we do here at Books Make Booms.  We are ghostwriters of custom books to boom your business.

Hiring A Ghostwriter

Books Make Booms specializes in ghostwriting that custom book to help boom your business.  We believe that writing a compelling business book is all about building a strong reality point around your products and/or services that people can bond with and then building a good story to enhance that reality.  Creating a strong public relations and business reality with your customers and clients is a major stepping stone to present and future sales.  

We have chosen to approach this small business marketing idea through creating and developing a marketing strategy that employs children's books for the purpose of marketing and branding your business.  

It's a new idea that encompasses building a strong relationship in the here and now as well as the near and distant future.  

As ghostwriters we can write, illustrate and publish that custom book for your public relations and marketing needs.  

We Have Different Ghostwriter Options to for Your Business to Choose From

We'd love to talk to you about ghostwriting a book for your business needs.  We have both ebook and print book options that are now available for businesses with a vision for the future.  Whether it be a monthly option lease or an outright purchase of the book, we will work to create a partnership that best fits your budget and needs.

With our partnership with Farrow Communications, you will also have at your fingertips the ability to tap into their expertise and success for launching books and authors into the limelight.  Check out their website for valuable information on the value of their services.  

Open a dialogue with us about ghostwriting a book!

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