Goblin Book, Goblin's Goop

In our goblin book, Goblin's Goop, the green goblins from the goblin factory are mixing their pesticide and herbicide poisons for their evil empire's war against bugs, butterflies, weeds, flowers, and birds.  

This is an epic battle between nature and the goblin's with their stinky vats and deadly bottles full of goop.

This goblin book is an entertaining lesson on environmental responsibility.  It is hopeful for a new age of healthy foods and non-toxic farming from a new generation of health conscious children.  

A Look Inside Goblin Book, Goblin's Goop

The Goblins

Goblin's Goop is a modern day fable.  The goblins have met their match with a team of resourceful bugs, plants, and birds. It is a timely children's picture book pertinent to our times that is both lyrical and magical for children of all ages. It is both a goblin book and a rhyming poem. It's message is global in scope and delivered with skill and imagination. Very relevant to parents, teachers and children in step with conserving nature the world over. It is book 3 in the rhyme for young readers series by QuickTurtle Books®.

Goblin Book Review

MBR Bookwatch: September 2017
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Midwest Book Review
278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI 53575
Lorraine's Bookshelf
Goblin's Goop
Richard Rensberry, author
Arun Kumar, illustrator
QuickTurtle Books LLC
9781940736228, $13.99, PB, 56 pages, amazon.com
"Goblin's Goop" is a kids' heroic cartoon epic about environmental threats of dastardly GMOs and other poisonous, factory (man)-made substances. To the amazing rescue march the soldiers of nature, bugs! Ants, bees, crickets, mosquitos, even flowers and birds come making their own martial music, ready to defend the essence of healthy Nature and the environment everywhere, even in poisoned ground. They surround the evil, goblins' goop making factory of Monsanto, and like Joshua, they blow and blow until the walls come tumbling down. Charming epic verse is complemented by bright portraiture of the insects' attack in the defense of Nature. Children ages 5-8 will revel in the story and pictures, cheering the demise of the evil green goblins and their poisonous goop, at the hands of the unlikely heroic challengers, bugs! Dedicated to all kids in the future who deserve a better world, "Goblin's Goop" is a modern morality fable based on environmental truths.
Nancy Lorraine
Senior Reviewer

Goblin Book Battle

The battle is loosely patterned after the Biblical Battle of Jericho.  The goblins factory is the target of swarms of warrior bugs with the musical vibrations to rattle the walls of Monsanto.