Grandma Quilts 

Here in Fairview, Michigan, having grandma quilts handed down to the children and grandchildren for generation after generation is an American tradition.  We are also the home of the Mennonite Church’s Quilt Relief Sale that happens every fall at the local fairgrounds. One of our neighbors spends the whole year working on quilts to be auctioned off for their charitable cause. These grandma quilts are works of great art and love.

I wrote our children’s book called Grandma’s Quilt, an uplifting grandma's quilt kid's rhyme, in honor of this church's event and our neighbor’s passion for quilting.  Her work and that of the church help many children find comfort around the world. Her talent and the beauty she puts into her quilts is very much appreciated.  

Grandma’s Quilt, is illustrated with warm watercolors by my wife, Mary Rensberry.  It is a wonderful book of comfort and joy for the whole family.  

One reviewer wrote:  I just read Grandma's Quilt. It is charming!  I especially love the line, "If I were grandma's quilt, I'd wrap you in my soul's warm and blissful yellow, red, and blue rainbows."  D. Woods

Grandma's Quilt delivers a positive message of warmth and security in these difficult times of uncertainty for kids.  I can't imagine a summertime without baseball games, no group camps and such activities that have recently been removed from their days.  That being said, these are days of picture puzzles, card games and books.  We have over thirty QuickTurtle books for kids, Grandma's Quilt being high on our list as one of our favorites.

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Grandma Quilts Nostalgia 

Our personal grandma quilts are out of the cedar chest and about the house. They drape the easy chairs and couch.  They are full of magical memories of love and warmth, kisses, sweet apple pies, and stories shared beside the fireplace.   My mother hand sewed them with a thimble, thread and needle for all of us.

Grandma Quilts and The Timberland Quilt Trail

In rural communities across the United States quilting is a way of life.  Here in Michigan,   these quilts represent a way of life and are threads that bind families and communities together.

Quilting has inspired what are known as quilt blocks.  This is a process where-by quilt designs are painted on plywood sheets and mounted on barns across the United States.  These blocks are interconnected with other blocks in rural communities to form “Quilt Trails” for visitors to follow and enjoy.  Like a grandma quilt, each quilt block is unique to that particular family or barn.  

Our local Oscoda County Quilt Trail includes over thirty individual quilt blocks ranging in size from 8 feet by 8 feet to a smaller 4 foot by 4 foot version.  

Our Grandma Quilt Joins the Quilt Trail

We were inspired to have our unique block mounted onto our little red barn.  Our properties’ farm house and barn burnt down many years ago, but our barn shed with its quilt block stands resolute in the old barn’s stead.  

I have watched cars stop beside the road and take pictures.  Our QuickTurtle block has been photographed and carried away to destinations known only by those photographers.  

We are huge proponents of these quilt trails and the impact they can have on rural businesses such as ours.  These trails bring people to our doors that would never otherwise find a reason to venture off the highway and into our countrysides. 

I hope if you are in the Fairview, Michigan area that you have a chance to travel the Timberland Quilt Trail.  We view it as a valid part of our Brand Building In Rural Areas strategy.  

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