Great Lakes Lighthouses Are Popular Destinations

Great Lakes lighthouses are great tourist destinations for anyone visiting or living in Michigan.  You will find that Michigan’s heritage is grounded in its resource of fresh water which is a focal point for recreation, beauty and commerce. 

Understanding the Great Lakes and our lighthouse contributions in the building of the United States is quite often overlooked.  Now, much of this heritage is passed down by those who give historical tours of Michigan's numerous lighthouses.

These stalwarts of shipping during Michigan’s early history were the guiding lights for moving vast amounts of lumber and ore from the Great Lakes to the coastal and interior portions of our Nation. 

Cities and towns were literally built from Michigan’s rich ores and timber.

Great Lakes Lighthouses Restored

These Great Lakes Lighthouses are not strangers to violent storms and long brutal winters.  Storms, fog, ice and snow are part of every lighthouse keeper’s occupation. 

Remote locations and harsh weathering require constant vigilance in the upkeep of these Michigan treasures that number well over one hundred.  Michigan has the most lighthouses of any State in the Union.

Their restoration has been an ongoing love affair for lighthouse enthusiasts across the state.  It is a joy to see the dedication and hard work directed towards such a worthy cause as preserving these historical treasures .  

Great Lakes Lighthouses And Their Personalities

No two lighthouses are alike.  You would be very mistaken if you said, “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.”  Every location is diverse in environment and significance as well as construction. Their history is as individual as the personalities that built and kept them.  

Haunted lighthouses are as commonplace as the stories they tell.  If you can visit a dozen Great Lakes lighthouses without the hairs standing up on the back of your neck, you’ve accomplished something I haven’t been able to do.  Seriously, what ghost doesn’t like hanging about in the tower of a lighthouse?

Great Lakes Lighthouses and Lighthouse Art

Photographers and artists have long relished the temptation to capture the light and scenery that Great Lakes Lighthouses present on a daily basis.  The hammering waves, the mists and fogs, the wind and ice, the billowing clouds and the black and blue thunderstorms are all majestic in their artistic presentations.   Then there are the brilliant days of pristine sunrises, blue skies, bright sunlight and dead calm.  These are the backdrops for lighthouse art.  

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