Kenaf Book: Unlocking the Mysteries of Kenaf
by Matt Malouf

Kenaf Book by Matt Malouf

This kenaf book is an in depth look at the future of this versatile plant in it's role to help the planet.  It has the potential to revolutionize farming practices and replenish our degraded soils.  I grew up as a farmer, adhering to good practices that enriched our precious soils instead of depleting and degrading them with the pesticides and herbicides used in our modern corporate farming model.  Not only can this plant help rejuvenate our soils, it can rejuvenate small to medium sized farms into very profitable enterprises.

That is only one of many thousands of uses this plant has to offer.  You will find that every part of the plant can be utilized and developed for all sorts of supply chains.  It can be used to make clothes, build houses, for fuel and even flours for food production.

The future holds the visions we create.  I hope anyone interested in the future of farming will take the opportunity to digest the visions and opportunities that this plant has to over.  I myself, have grown this plant and made it available for Kenaf Partners USA to conduct research.  The industrial ramifications of this plant are just being realized for many industries such as the paper industry and building materials industries.  

This is the time to take a look.   My recent tour of a processing facility near my home has opened the doors wide to the investment opportunities to those willing to explore the world beyond corn, soy and cotton.  We are on the ground floor of a high rise ready to reach for the stars. 

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