Kenaf by any stretch of the imagination is not a household word, even though it should be.  In fact, it is pretty much unheard of in the United States though it is considered a valuable commodity in many parts of the world.  Its symbiotic relationship with mankind has thousands of beneficial uses.  Kenaf Partners USA enlisted our Books Make Booms program to help make inroads to change that obscurity.  Our Books Make Booms small business marketing solution of custom books was an ideal fit for creating both children and adult books on the subject.  

Custom Book-- Kenaf, Seeds for Life

Seeds for Life was written and illustrated by Mary Rensberry.  It is an introduction into this environmentally friendly and economically sound kenaf hibiscus plant.  It is an entertaining and informative  book that can be read and enjoyed by both children and adults.  

Working with small businesses that are striving to help the environment like Kenaf Partners USA are completely in-line with our Books Make Booms purposes.

Custom Book-- Kenaf, Seeding the World

The second book, Seeding the World was written by myself and once again was illustrated by my wife Mary.  This book goes a bit deeper into the possibilities of Kenaf for farms and business on an industrial scale.  The many uses for kenaf seed, kenaf fibers, kenaf bast and core pulp can be capitalized on an industrial basis.  It was written for the farming community and anyone interested in the movement toward more sustainable farm practices in the United States.  Again, it is both entertaining and educational for both kids and adults.  

It is the goal of to help Kenaf Partners USA to raise a new generation of advocates and entrepreneurs with enough awareness and foresight to grasp the vast possibilities inherent in this magical plant. 

We believe Kenaf's versatility and hardiness sits on the horizon of a new generation of farmers willing to implement more environmentally friendly and sound practices.  The days of GMO's, pesticides and invasive tactics will soon be at the end of a diminishing return cycle.  These corporate farm practices are much too depleting and unsustainable on a national and global scale. 

Organic based permaculture and more noninvasive farming techniques will be the tsunami of the future.  The ability to give more and receive back more from our precious planet will enable the re-establishment of the harmonics between man and the natural world of abundance that sustains him.  Kenaf and all its possibilities are a viable step in the right direction. is proud to partner with such an ethical and worthwhile cause bravely put forth by Kenaf Partners USA.  These and other like causes are the kinds of businesses we love to partner with to build our custom books.  

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