Kids Stories

Kids stories add a whole new dimension to a small business marketing plan.  A creative kids story about and for your business can elevate your customer's connection to you and your business before and after they walk in the door of your brick and mortar or online site.  Creating a personal connection on such a universal level goes far beyond what most businesses would consider as being integral to their marketing plan.  We at Books Make Booms beg to differ, we perceive this valuable Public Relations tool as a necessity rather than a concept of luxury.

Engaging family units instead of single individuals can build lasting relationships far beyond the present.  Proper small business marketing includes many actions and products that do not fit under the heading of advertising, rather, they fall into the category of public relations which entails having good products or services well publicized.  It does not mean misleading or outright lies.  It does not mean exaggerations that can never produce such bogus exaggerated results.  It means a reality that in actuality can or does exist.  

Kids stories created to educate and entertain the whole family rather than to outright sell them something is a worthwhile purpose for any business in an endeavor to help create good will.  Life is far more than selling someone a product.  It is the relationships, good will and help that is a real lasting product.  Kids stories are an excellent way to build those lasting relationships.

Our custom book stories for businesses are truly custom.  We build them from the ground up by working to create affinity, reality and communication about your products or services.  We do not write nor illustrate with an agenda in mind, our books are created to communicate real life experiences that one can expect to relate to by visiting your place of business.  

Because of our unique approach, not all businesses fit our community based criteria.  We reserve the right to decline working with businesses we feel are inappropriate to our small business model and common sensical mores.  

As some examples of past custom book partnerships, we would love to write books about any business that brings valuable resources to their community, such as maple syrup or honey production, organic farms, artistic beauty, restaurants, helpful or innovative services, good causes, etc.  If we cannot or do not desire to write about your business, we will tell you up front after our initial interview and evaluation.  We are quite creative and if we find value in what you do, we will seriously take a look at the possibilities.