Lighthouse Art Shines Its Light 
On Michigan History

Lighthouse art and artists have inherited a responsibility in preserving Michigan's seafaring history and future.  Across the Great Lakes and the world, lighthouses have long stood as sentinels to the past, present and future. Their role in navigation can be said to have transcended that of the soul of ships to encompass the human spirit itself.  We all aspire to greater heights and lighthouses symbolize that guiding light that can lead us through the storms of our modern day travails.  

In the hands of artists, lighthouses are fertile ground for capturing the imagination and spirit of our youth.  Their symbolism can inspire and provoke young minds to greater heights than wanting to sit in front of a TV, texting on a phone or playing mindless video games.  Lighthouses stand as symbols of courageous and active men, men with undaunted work ethic and the rugged individualism that helped found Michigan and our nation.  It is only with this kind of free spirit that modern man, woman and children can rise above technologically induced complacency and usher in a future greater than our present and past.  Our evolving softness of heart is certainly a blessing, but should not be accompanied by a softness of mind, body and spirit.  Resurrecting and keeping alive the warrior spirit has become the often thankless job of the artist.

Artists have long played a major role in preserving the past and looking outward to building the future.   Through their stories, photographs and paintings, one can be transported in time.  One can be inspired by the past to dream of the future.  Lighthouse art like the lighthouses of Michigan and the World, are stalwart beacons to be, do and have a brighter tomorrow.  The preservation not only physically, but also spiritually, of these symbols should not be diminished.

Lighthouse Art of Michigan

Rather than go into a long description and listing of many of our great state's artists, I will refer you to this website: michiganlighthouseguide where many artists have already been compiled and listed through the wonderful work of Marge Ellenberger of Onaway, Michigan.  

Marge is the creator and organizer of the annual Michigan Lighthouse Festival.  I hope you take the time to peruse her wonderful lighthouse guide website.

Supporting Lighthouse Art

I have always been a strong advocate of helping those in our Michigan community, and supporting our artists is no exception.  I will buy a potter's pot made down the road by a local artist before I'd even consider walking through the door of a Walmart or any other corporate box store.  Shopping local and spending my money on products made with homespun pride and care is vastly more important than the price afforded by cheap foreign labor.  And even the the greater cost in dollars is usually minimal or often as not,  even nonexistent.  Please support your local artists. 

Lighthouse Art, Lighthouse Series

Besides being a painter of lighthouse art, I am also the author of a Lighthouse Series of books for kids.   These include: If I Were a Lighthouse, Big Ships, and Keepers of the Light available from our Online Bookstore.

Prints and canvases of my lighthouse art paintings and other goods such as lighthouse greeting cards, coffee cups, towels, etc. are available at Fine Art America.  

We at Books Make Booms and QuickTurtle Books® work very hard at creating lighthouse art with high moral and ethical values.  We want to help good people and also appreciate and accept the help of good people in return.   Thank you for being a patron.  

Lighthouse Art Video link to YouTube