Lighthouse Art

Crisp Point Lighthouse art print of painting by Michigan artist and author Richard Rensberry

Many of my online friends love lighthouse art and have asked if they could get their hands on one of my lighthouse paintings to hang in their home.  Though the original paintings themselves are not available to be purchased online, these paintings are now available as greeting cards and prints in our store. 

This painting is one of Crisp Point Lighthouse, a painting I painted on our trip during the Michigan Lighthouse Festival held at Whitefish Point in the summer of 2018. Crisp Point graciously hosted a book signing for us inside the lighthouse on a rainy day.  If you are able to visit this remote setting, pick up a signed copy of our book, "If I Were A Lighthouse" available in their Gift Shop.

Lighthouse Art Painting of Tawas Point Lighthouse

Tawas Point Lighthouse, located in Tawas Point State Park, is a fascinating attraction for Michigan lighthouse enthusiasts. Created by Richard Rensberry

Tawas Point is a Michigan State Park where autumn ushers in the Monarch butterflies on their migration south.  Hopefully Michigan will create an abundance of wings this season.

We are usually on hand sometime around Labor Day for a book signing of our Lighthouse Series of books.  Due to the unforeseen repercussions of a runaway virus, we will have to see what this year brings.  All of our spring events have been cancelled.  We hope summer ushers in the Lights.

We will try to supply them with a few signed copies of our Lighthouse Series of books for their Gift Shop as summer rolls around.

Lighthouse Art Painting of Waugoshance Light

Old Wobbly Shanks Lighthouse art print is a painting by Michigan Author and Artist Richard Rensberry.

Old Wobble Shanks, Waugoshance Lighthouse is also available in our store a greeting card and a print.  Bombarded by artillery practice, but still standing after all these years.  This light is located in upper Lake Michigan and will hopefully be restored.  If you would like to help, contact  them at their Waugoshance website

Lighthouse Art Painting of Holland Light 

Holland Harbor Light, known as Big Red, is located at the channel entrance connecting Lake Michigan with Lake Macatawa, and gives access to the city of Holland, Michigan. Painting by Richard Rensberry

There often seems to be an abundance of fog when one navigates the environments where lighthouses stand sentinel in the wind.  I try to capture the cold and isolation of the Light Keepers that stood watch.  Even though a bright red and brilliant sky dominates this scape, it still makes me shiver.  This painting is also available in our store.

Future Lighthouse Art

Lighthouse Art Cards

Blank Lighthouse Series Cards, created by Richard Rensberry

Blank inside cards

Our shopping cart is now up and running and all of my lighthouse art paintings are available as blank cards.  


Lighthouse Art Prints

This lighthouse print by Michigan Author and artist Richard Rensberry is of a storm moving in over an unknown lighthouse

Where will lighthouse art further lead me with my fingers and rags? I do not know. If you notice finger prints in my paintings, it is because I finger paint and dabble with rags, pens and whatever other paraphernalia might be at hand.  Life is not always ordered and calm, it is also full of storms that sometimes push us off course. I plan to do more as the future unfolds.

Matte prints of my paintings are now available in our store.   

Marquette Lighthouse

Marquette Harbor Lighthouse print is of a brilliant summer sunset.  It was painted in liquid acrylic ink on paper by Michigan artist and author Richard Rensberry

Round Island Lighthouse

Round Island Lighthouse Art Print is a painting by Michigan artist Richard Rensberry with the flag flying at sunset.

40 Mile Point Lighthouse

This 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Art Print is a soft winter scene at dusk.  It is a matte print of Richard Rensberry's liquid acrylic ink on paper.

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