Lighthouse Paintings

Forty Mile Point Lighthouse lit by Michigan artist Richard Rensberry.

In my lighthouse paintings, I have a penchant for trying to capture the fog-shrouded moods and night-scenes of our vast array of Michigan lighthouses.  I love the swirling skies of dawn and dusk and they have become a trademark of much of my work.  The above painting is Roger City's Forty Mile Point Lighthouse on the tail end of winter.

Before spending most of my time as an author, I launched my painting career while living in California where I won numerous awards for my recycled artworks and my quirky style of painting using anything and everything but a brush.  Just like a kid, I relish making a mess with my inks, pens, fingers, rags and paints to achieve my desired results.  My lighthouse paintings were inspired by my lighthouse series of books, "If I Were a Lighthouseand "Keepers of the Light" which are available to lighthouse fans in my store.  

Marquette Lighthouse Painting

Crisp Point Lighthouse Painting

Round Island Lighthouse Painting

A Couple More Lighthouse Paintings Described Below

My lighthouse painting of Grand Haven Light depicts a stormy night with the light on.  

The first lighthouse was built in 1839, but fear of erosion forced Grand Haven to build an adjoining light in 1855. The lighthouses would be important for seamen for years. The lighthouses are now preserved and tourists can walk the pier the lighthouses are on. It is also one of the most beautiful and flamboyant looking lighthouses in the Midwest. Because of Grand Haven’s maritime history, the lighthouses are still very important to the Grand Haven community.

This lighthouse painting is also available from our store.

Tawas Point Lighthouse is located in East Tawas, Michigan, on the shores of Lake Huron.  This State Park is a lighthouse favorite to a myriad of lighthouse fans both locally and abroad.  It is popular to families for hiking and bike riding, as well as bird watching and the autumn migration of the monarch butterfly.

My lighthouse painting depicts the fog rolling in at dusk. I hope I have captured both the past and the present with my rough shod style. My paintings are available as handcrafted greeting cards in our store.

My lighthouse painting of a lonely lighthouse with a storm moving in off the sea.  It captures the onset of a heavy squall as it descends on the light.  I do not know the name nor location of this light.  It was painted from the memor

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