Lighthouse Series Inspiration

My Lighthouse Series inspiration is a product of my youth.  I spent my teenage years on Grand Lake, an inland lake in Northern Michigan just a few miles from Lake Huron.  I spent as much of my free time as possible on the water and biking near the lakes. 

I revered the freedom to explore, and that spirit planted the seed to my lighthouse lunacy.

I remember arriving on the shore of Lake Huron at the Old Presque Isle Lighthouse after bike riding through a thunderstorm.  I recall the strong, buffeting winds grabbing my hat and flinging it back the way I had come as I approached the cool waters of this great body of water.  I laid my bike on its side and stood enchanted by a distant ship slowly making its way south to destinations unknown.  My sheltered youth was blown away like my hat, forsaken by the enormity of this Great Lake.  Wanderlust was born, a wanderlust that eventually took me back and forth across the United States many times.

Customized Lighthouse Series Books

If I Were A Lighthouse is book 1 in our lighthouse series.  It was written by myself and illustrated with playful illustrations by Mary Rensberry.  

This popular Rhyme for Kids has been distributed and sold in many of Michigan's Lighthouse Gift Shops as well as in the Michigan Museum in Lansing.  

Crisp Point Lighthouse on the southern shore of Lake Superior has customized copies of our book If I Were A Lighthouse dedicated to their lighthouse and for sale in their gift shop. 

If you are part of a local Lighthouse Association, we can customize any of our lighthouse series books specifically for any of Michigan's lighthouses.  We are happy to build a dedication page and a page about your lighthouse to be included in the book.  We also take the time to autograph each copy prior to shipment for sale in your lighthouse gift shop.  If the distance and timing are right, we also will do a book signing and reading at one of your lighthouse events.

Contact us at for more information about getting one of our Lighthouse Series books personalized for your lighthouse or Association.  

Our Lighthouse Series of Books Can Help Lighthouse Visitors Connect on a More Personal Level

MIchigan has well over one hundred Great Lakes lighthouses to choose from. 

I love the allure and the lore of these great landmarks. 

I have visited and painted many of these lighthouses for my books.  My lighthouse paintings have been posted on many lighthouse sites across Facebook. 

If you love lighthouse art as much as I do, you should consider joining some of these FaceBook groups: Michigan Lighthouses, Michigan Light Houses, Great Lakes Lighthouses, Lighthouses.

Another great reference and useful tool for Great Lakes Lighthouses is Michigan Lighthouse Guide where I am listed as an Author and Artist.  This is a good site for valuable lighthouse information.

If you would like to purchase any of my lighthouse art you can find it here.

Home of the Lighthouse Series

After residing in California for most of my adult life, I have now settled back into the Northern Michigan community of Fairview.  This is the location of BooksMakeBooms and QuickTurtle Books®.  It is the home of our lighthouse series. 

 Mary and I still travel much of the year, but this is our home.

Lighthouse Series Book Writer and Illustrators

The focus of many of our kids books is to help small businesses and worthy causes grow their brand by creating stories around those businesses and causes.    

One reviewer wrote:  "I love this one. Beautiful job on the cover illustration.  Beautiful poem. I had to look up  the words avail and regale.  I was so happy to find the definitions in your glossary!"

"Beautiful to know you are up there making the world a better place from Michigan!"

My just recently published Keepers Of The Light as well as my Great Lakes Big Ships were illustrated with several of my lighthouse and ship paintings.

Keepers Of The Light is a celebration of Michigan's lighthouse keepers and the Great Lakes lighthouses they keep.  It is a kid's rhyme with colorful lighthouse paintings,  for everyone to enjoy and connect with our wonderful lighthouse heritage.

Big Ships is a celebration of the monster boats that navigate the windswept  waters of Huron, Michigan and Superior.  

Where You Can Purchase Our Lighthouse Series of Books

Visit our Store for all of our books.

These Michigan Lighthouse Books are available in Great Lakes Lighthouse Gift Shops from Fort Gratiot Lighthouse to Crisp Point Light.  We also sell them at the annual Michigan Lighthouse Festival

These books were written as part of my Rhyme for Young Readers Series with the intention of providing kids with a Michigan heritage rhyme to remember.  I would also hope that my Lighthouse Series inspires parents to take the opportunity and time to pass on Michigan lighthouse traditions by reading these short, informative and positive verses to their children.  I hope you get as much enjoyment from them as I did in their creation.

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