Marketing Idea Helps Create Big Bzzzz About Honey

Our custom book marketing idea joined the mix of honey bees when we sat down with Applebee Farm in Fairview, Michigan.  We not only loved the idea about doing a custom book for them, but we also love their honey bee farm.  Honey is the true nectar of sweet miracles.

A Honey of a Marketing Idea

For Jubal and Kalie Handrich, the road to owning Applebee Farm took an entrepreneurial mindset and an ability to see and grasp opportunity when it presented itself.

Their honey bee journey began while attending Saginaw Valley College.  Kalie had a desire to replace non-degradable plastic wrap with bees wax coated cloth.  She wanted to use this coated cloth for all her food storage needs.

This led Jubal to researching and finding the necessary connections to acquire a bee hive to produce honey and wax for Kalie’s food storage purposes.  Though this endeavor fell short on time for fruition, it got the bees buzzing in the back of their minds as something feasible when they returned home to Fairview.

There, the honey bees surfaced once again and Jubal made an attempt to apprentice at Richard Monk's Applebee Farm, but Applebees had all the help they needed at the time.  It was about a year later when Applebee Farms finally contacted Jubal and told him they were looking for someone to help with their honey bee business.

Jubal took advantage of the opportunity by jumping in to learn the business.  It was a steep gradient but he acquired a wealth of knowledge and a very special love for the bees.  The reward is the miracle they produce; Applebee Honey.

Jubal and Kalie are now owners and caretakers of over 60 beehives with a bee population of approximately 2 and 1/2 million bees. The bees are moved every autumn to winter over in California.  When the bees return to Fairview in the spring, the average production of honey is 50-70 pounds, per hive, per year.  That’s a lot of sweetness!

The honey is distributed and sold locally in the Fairview, Michigan area by Country Corners Bulk Foods Store on Kittle Road and the Lunch Box Restaurant in Curran.  You can buy it as well on  

We bought gift packages for our whole family last Christmas and it was divine.  Our honey bee custom book and marketing idea took shape when we started thinking about honey bees for kids.  How bees make honey in their journey from flower to hive has resulted in our new book for Applebee Farm.

Marketing Idea Bzzzz

Now Applebee Farm will be able to use Bzzzz as a strong brand building and marketing tool.  Not only is it a great story for kids, but it has great positioning and advertising appeal for expanding the reach of their business.  As it flies off the shelves it will be like busy little bees pollenating the countryside.  The book will help spread Applebees name for generations.

Jubal and Kalie can sell the book along with their honey on Etsy or at the fairs and events they regularly attend.  They can put their custom book into gift packages for the holidays.  Its uses are many faceted and potent when intelligently used for public relations and marketing ideas.  

They also have our full support and backup.  Books Make Booms will be marketing their business by promoting and selling their custom book on Amazon and at all of our book signing and promotional events.  

Purchase the book Bzzzz here.

Can Our Marketing Idea Help Your Honey Business?


We love bees.  

Partnering with and helping you create your own Bzzz about your honey farm or business would be a delight.  Your customers and their families are sure to be delighted, too.

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