Marketing Tool For Lasting Success

A marketing tool that has lasting power does not often come cheap.  Big Business spends millions on brand building and name recognition.  The biggest companies spend billions.

As small business owners, our pockets are often not very deep.  So how do we overcome the problem of creating name recognition on a small business budget?

We believe in the unique power of books.  

Our Books Make Booms marketing tool of creating and employing a custom book about and for your business not only works in the present, but builds longevity into your business message and brand by spanning generations.  If you take a moment to grasp our marketing strategy, you will see the tremendous value a book can have for controlling your marketing costs. 

A Marketing Tool That Effectively Controls Your Businesses Marketing Costs

Books Make Booms custom books strategy is designed to create a budget conscious plan for building strong brand in the present and for the long term. 

By using one or more of our small business marketing strategies you can effectively control the costs and even reduce the marketing costs to virtually zero when effectively implemented into your business.  In fact, you can even make a profit!  It all depends on how you choose to employ your business specific custom book.

Marketing Tool Expands Kenaf Partners USA's Reach to Togo, Africa

Our custom book, Seeding The World, was written for Kenaf Partners USA as a marketing tool for the hibiscus plant, kenaf.  The book was recently picked up and translated into French by Elizabeth Simonetti's Togo Development Partnership and will be distributed to farmers in Togo, Africa for the purpose of helping Togo Africans develop a paper industry in their small country.  

Who knows how far this book will reach into the future and help spread far and wide the name brand-- Kenaf Partners USA.   This book's reach is building strong brand for kenaf at no cost.  This is the power of our Books Make Booms Marketing Tool of building and using Custom Books as part of your small business marketing strategy.

Marketing Tool Is A Standard

What is a standard?

A standard is a flag, emblem or symbol.  It is something that represents something to a client or customer.  That is the idea behind our Books Make Booms marketing solution of using custom books.  A book is a standard.  

In this example, Butterfly Stomach represents and and is working to help brand Cedar Valley's Wild Frontier Fun Park.  It is the second largest amusement park in Michigan, but relatively unknown due to its very rural setting in Comins, Michigan.  We hope to help change that invisibility through the use of a book.

By having their very own custom book devoted to the park, it can be used in multiple ways as part of the Park's small business marketing strategy.  

You can check out many other of our custom books in our Online Book Store

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