New Custom Books for Michigan Brown Trout Festival 2021& 2022

This new custom book, built for the Michigan Brown Trout Festival is a homage to the mid-July event that brings fisherman from far and wide to pit their skills against Big Brownie.  Big Brownie is a tagged brown trout of rather large size that is raised and released into Thunder Bay for the tournament's biggest prize.  Most years Big Brownie eludes the convoys of boats to be never seen again.  In the year 2019 Big Brownie was caught and spawned a first place prize of $20,000.00 to the fisherman and his crew.  

Cover to new custom book for Michigan Brown Trout Festival.  Written by Richard Rensberry and illustrated by Michael Payton.

A New Custom Book
for the Whole Family

Like all of our custom books, Big Brownie is family oriented, entertaining and informative.  It was built as an ambassador to fulfill good public relations and marketing roles for the Michigan Brown Trout Festival.  the festival is planning to distribute copies to over five hundred families that list the festival each year. 

The Big Brownie book is a great keepsake as well as an ever present reminder and promoter of the event.  It is a solid communication channel that will keep the festival alive in the minds of those in attendance for years to come.  It will bring them back time after time.

Artwork for new custom book Big Brownie.

New Custom Book Illustrated by
Michael Payton

Our illustrator for this book is a talented artist by the name of Michael Payton.  He has done wonderful work for us in the past, most notably the book covers for two of my Sasquatch novels in my Conversations With Sasquatch Series.    

Artwork for new custom book "Big Brownie"  Written by Richard Rensberry and Illustration by Michael Payton.

A Look Inside Our New Custom Book

Big Brownie was tagged

and lurking the Bay,

the reward on his head

the talk of the day.

Illustration for new custom book "Big Brownie"

With the wind lying down

the water lay slack.

Where the buoys pinged

it was foggy and black.

Illustration for new custom book "Big Brownie" written by Michigan author Richard Rensberry and illustrated by Michael Payton.

Our New Custom Book Big Brownie
Was A Big Hit for the 2021 
Michigan Brown Trout Festival

     I spent the day signing copies of Big Brownie for the nearly 400 kids that passed through the Big Top on the final day of the competition.  A fun time was had by all, and now we are looking forward to creating another new custom book for next year's event.  Once again we will be teaming up with Michael Payton for the illustrations of Little Brownie Brown Trout for 2022.

Little Brownie Brown Trout

     I have begun work on this book as of Nov. 22, 2021.  I will keep you posted.  

New Custom Book Built For You

If you have a great cause like the Michigan Brown Trout Festival and are looking for new and greater ways to expand your public relations and marketing reach, please let us know.  You can reach us via our email at: or give us a call at 510-688-1849. We'd be happy to schedule a consultation interview to discuss how we might build a custom book specifically for you. 

Big Brownie is available on Amazon and also in our Books Make Booms online store.