Poems That Rhyme Stick In Mind
And Travel Through Time

Poems that rhyme are a perfect match for small business marketing.  Rhymes are fun, easy to relate to, and memorable.  

I bet you can recall a few children’s rhymes to this day.  Like jingles for certain products, they are easily remembered and brand-able.  

Kids especially are drawn to rhyme and alliteration.  They learn and duplicate by sounds.  Having a rhyming book connected to your small business can act to draw them in and make them customers for a lifetime.  Poetry article here: https://www.best-books-for-kids.com/kids-poetry.html

Here is another link to a wonderful website about Poetry for Children and a great article on poetry.

Poems That Rhyme Example

Just think if the Rhyme Jack and Jill had been created for branding and building your small business.  It is a rhyming poem known all around the world.  

If you happened to be a bottled water producer or a doctor, that rhyme would carry your business all by itself.  I am 67 years old and still remember the words to this poem.  I may have a word or two misplaced, but I didn’t have to consult a book or wikipedia to remember it.  It goes something like this:

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water,

Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after 

Your business, positioned with a rhyming book can make it well remembered by those that read the book.  That positioning in the mind is a powerful tool.

A Books Make Booms Kids Rhyme Example

An example of one of our illustrated poems that rhyme is from our book The Quest We Share.  It rhyming poem that was built for the organization Artists For A Better World.  It goes like this:

I have an idea

big and profound,

to build me a ship

to travel world around.

I’ll take swatches of red

and swatches of sweet;

I’ll paint big smiles 

on the people I meet.

I’ll strum my guitar 

and patter my drum,

put tap in their feet 

and snap in their thumb.

It has several more verses, but I’m sure you get the idea.  The illustrations work to solidify and enhance the verse in people’s minds.  It is positive, fun and memorable.

Poems That Rhyme Connect Your Business To The Whole Family

Kids books in general are a great fit as public relations ambassadors for small business, adding a rhyme to them can make them even more effective advertising and marketing tools. 

Kids will repeat rhymes, often.  Adults will remember them.  As a family connected among themselves, they will also link to whatever person or business the book is associated with.  

If a young artist reads our book The Quest We Share they are likely to repeat it and mimic the illustrations.  More kids will join in.  More kids will want the book.  Do you see the power of this marketing idea?

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