Publishing Books Through Print On Demand

Publishing books is no longer the sole domain of big publishers.  Print on demand has made it possible for small businesses to get into the marketing personalization game with little to no expense.  

We at Books Make Booms write, illustrate and publish all of our custom books on a print on demand basis.  As a business, you can buy in small and large quantities directly from us depending on your immediate needs and your budget.  

Publishing Books With QuickTurtle Books®

Our publishing name is QuickTurtle Books®.   We began writing, illustrating and publishing kids books in 2013.  We soon envisioned our Books Make Booms Custom Books Model and began helping and supporting small businesses and worthy causes in our local community by designing books specifically for their business and needs.  

Currently, our custom books are printed through Kindle Direct Publishing of Amazon, known as KDP.  They do a reasonable job for being such a huge corporation, but our long range goal is to transition to a smaller, more environmentally committed print on demand printer.  We want our books created from better business practices and papers made from sustainable agriculture such as hemp or kenaf.  Our partnership with Kenaf Partners USA will be our avenue to that source.

Publishing Books Requires An ISBN Number 

Though Amazon has created their system of free ASIN numbers (Amazon Standard Identification Number) as a replacement for having to have traditional ISBNs (International Standard Book Number) purchased through Bowker, we are uncomfortable with that ASIN system for reasons of publishing rights.  Amazon is not the publisher of our books, we are.  

Failure to use an independent ISBN number for our books would make Amazon the legal publisher and we want nothing to do with giving away our publishing rights.  Your custom book will be a QuickTurtle Book® under our control, not an Amazon Book.  

Buying a single ISBN number to self-publish a book costs $100.00.   As publishers, we supply your book with its own unique ISBN at no cost to you.   So right out of the starting gate you save this self-publishing expense.

In Publishing Books For Small Business, We Assume All The Risk

It is our goal to help your business and/or cause to grow through a Books Make Booms book.  All you need to do partner with us and assign your custom book the role of ambassador and spokes-person for your business.  If you do— you will grow, and we will grow as a result.  

We are confident that if you use your book as a small business marketing solution, you will have success in procuring and building a loyal and lasting customer base.  On the other hand, if you fail to employ your book, it will also most likely fail.  If it fails, we fail.  We have no intention of letting that occur.  We want an ongoing partnership for growth. 

To begin with, it is very time intensive to write, illustrate, graphically design, build and publish a book.  Those services alone are worth thousands of dollars.  We offer these small business marketing services for free when you agree to initially purchase 100 books as part of your marketing strategy for your business.

I’ll say it again.  We write, illustrate, design, build, and publish your book its own ISBN number for free!

Your role in the game, is to employ our custom book as an ambassador and public relations spokes-person for your small business.  Really, all you do is set your book to work for the very reason you wanted the personalized book to begin with.  To communicate about, grow, and help your business.  I don’t know how it could possibly get any better than that.

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