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QuickTurtle Books Newsletter- April 2021

Our new custom book project is for the Michigan Brown Trout Festival which is held annually in mid-July in Alpena, Michigan.  This is a Books Make Booms custom book for a great cause.  Once published it will be available on amazon and in our store.

This spring will usher in our latest custom book for small businesses called If I Were A Blossom

This new custom book was created for Fairview Berries and Flower Farm of Fairview, Michigan.  This spring and summer will be their grand opening of a pick your own flower paradise.  The also have a pick your own strawberry field with it's own custom books Make booms book called Berry Berry Sweet.

Cover to If I were A Blossom custom book for small businesses.

QuickTurtle Books Newsletter - Jan, 2021

Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter by Michigan author Richard Rensberry.

What Readers are Saying About Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter by Richard Rensberry

Shirl-adellie Ohara-green....  So i get up this morning and see a notification on my phone that the next part of conversions with sasquatch has been posted. Of course, in my excitement, i forget i was getting up for work, and dive headfirst into this next installment. What i read had me captured already, but then to read about ted kaczynski!?! My mind is blown, and I realize... read more...

QuickTurtle Books Newsletter - Dec, 2020

Lighthouse Art, Prints, Cards and Books ~ Richard Rensberry

We at QuickTurtle Books wish you all the best for the Holidays.  You will find some new products in our store.

Besides books, we have a wide assortment of lighthouse cards and prints in our Lighthouse Series. The featured Oak Leaf Lighthouse is available in our card shop.

Our Book of the Week is our kid's rhyme, If I Were A Lighthouse. Written and illustrated just for kids.  It is ...Read more...

QuickTurtle Books Newsletter - Nov, 2020

Conversations with Sasquatch - The Encounter ~ Richard Rensberry

Here is the latest QuickTurtle News!

A QuickTurtle Book hot off the press is Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter. This is my new Big Foot novel set in Lewiston, Michigan.  

I had my first encounter with Sasquatch when I was six years old.  I was fishing for sunfish is the Thunder Bay River when Big Foot appeared. I didn't Really think much about it for many years until my adult encounter while...Read more...