Submitting Your Rhyming Books To QuickTurtle Books®

If you are a book writer of rhyming books for kids and would like to submit your children's book to QuickTurtle Books® for consideration, please understand that we require a $10.00 reading charge to accompany each of your submissions.  In return, we respond to every submission with feedback and advice about your rhyming book whether your submission is accepted for publication or not.  In order for us to respond, your submission must include a valid email address or Self-addressed Stamped Envelope.  We cannot reply without a valid email address or SASE to accommodate a response.

Guidelines For Rhyming Books

Our best guidelines for submission are:

1.  We publish only morally responsible rhyming books. 

2.  We do not have interest in fad topics such as bullying, climate change or transgender politics.  We do not believe in books condoning anti-social behavior, socialism, psychiatry, or drug use, so don’t even bother. 

3.  We believe in books bolstering a child's inherent knowing of right from wrong. We want uplifting books that enhance common sense, moral and ethical values, responsible help, patriotism and the U.S. Constitution

4.  We believe in human rights as laid out by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.  We absolutely do not tolerate nor believe in the psychiatric labeling and  drugging of innocent children in the name of help.  Psychotropic drugging is child abuse, pure and simple.  We believe in the anti-drug philosophy of A Drug Free World.  

Rhyming Book Writers Topics

We accept books with a true intent to help or entertain children on those issues we believe in and support.  We are particularly interested in creative books about values, uplifting deeds, nature, gardening, farming, responsible behavior, productivity, positive human relations and creativity.  We prefer short books over long.  We prefer good rhyme over prose.  Our targeted age group is 4 to 8 years old.  

Rhyming Book Samples

For samples of a few of our rhyming books visit here.

Rhyming Books Submission Rules 

  1. Work must be submitted in a good PDF file (5 mb or less) laid out in book format with text and illustrations (if illustrated) to 
  2. Include all pertinent contact information on the first page of the file.  Include name, address, and contact email.
  3. All work must be original and never before published.  
  4. Illustrated rhyming books submitted must be between 24 and 40 pages.  Non-illustrated rhyming books should not exceed 30 pages.
  5. All submissions must include $10.00 reading fee paid via PayPal.
  6. Any hardcopy submissions must be sent by US mail to the following address:                     QuickTurtle Books                                                                                                 330 Schmid Road                                                                                                          Fairview, Michigan 48621
  7. All hardcopy submissions must also include a self-addressed stamped envelope for you to receive our response that will include any comments and advice we have to offer.  We do not return manuscripts.
  8. We are often on the road and do not receive our mail on a daily basis.  We will respond in a timely manner in accordance with our traveling schedule.
  9. We look forward to reading rhyming books from new and accomplished book writers.  Thanks for submitting to QuickTurtle Books®.