What Is Selling?

If you want to sell somebody something, the first thing you have to do is get their Attention.  You just can't achieve selling anybody anything unless you can get and keep their attention.  

You see this often overlooked but extremely important principle in action everyday.  There are attention snares all over the place, in the form of TV ads, billboards, etc.  These things are designed to get your attention long enough to plant an idea in your head.  

A prime example for attracting attention is the news media.  They are experts at ways of getting your attention to sell their agendas paid for by big advertisers.  They bait you with all kinds of morbid and horrific images and headlines in order to get your attention.  They even go so far as to sensationalize with lies and props to stage fake photos and fake events.  If there is no sex, death and destruction they will fake some for you in order to get and keep your attention for their advertisers.  

This attention grabbing gimmick is also part and parcel to any and all advertising.  If you can get a person's attention you can sell them anything once you convince them that they need or want it.  I don't think anyone goes to Hooter's because of the chef's skills as a cook.  People go to Hooter's because of the other things that get their undivided attention.  They are happy to order food and drink from a young lady flaunting her attributes and willing to come back and do it all over again.  

I am not a fan of this kind of salesmanship, my only point is that no matter what business you are in, you have to get someone's attention in order to make sales.  Their attention has to be focused on you. 

How Do You Get Somebody's Attention For Selling What You Have To Offer?

It should be obvious that the best way to get somebody's attention is to walk up to them and say "BOO!"  That's a joke by the way.  Sort of.  One on one contact is by far the best way to get someone's attention.  A good door to door salesman can out-sell a newspaper ad by a wide margin.  Simply putting oneself in someone else's space gets their attention and that attention is everything in order to get on the road to achieving a result.

Of course, I am prejudice when it comes to better ways on how to get attention.  That is the BooksMakeBooms.com strategy behind custom books.  Though flaunting breasts may work wonders in many cases, we find it crude and immoral to use such tasteless tactics in order to garner one's attention.  Unlike the media, we want to shine the light on you and your business in a much more ethical and subtle manner.  We want to get people's attention with a good family oriented book about and for your business.  That isn't to say it can't be funny or quirky, it can be made up of whatever wishes best suit your businesses' personality and what perceptions you wish to create in the eyes of your consumers.  

Please check out our About Us page and information on Custom Books.  We'd be happy to set up a free consultation to discuss your needs and wants.  We are certain we can find an ethical path to grabbing more attention for your business.  

Custom Books=More Attention=More Sales