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For Building Brand

Everytime I see a calendar I think of small business advertising.  I love going into some of my favorite businesses around the New Year to pick up a calendar for the coming year.  I take it home and display it for easy access throughout the coming year.  It tells me the dates I need to know for planning as well as reminding me where and when I might pick up a few of those needed and wanted items on my shopping list.  

That calendar is quite useful as well as superb advertising for the business that gets one custom made for their needs.  

When it comes to this kind of lasting small business advertising, our Books Make Booms custom books are just like my favorite calendars.  Custom books for your business make perfect gifts that will help to build public relations and a more sustainable strong brand.  Your very own business specific book brings longevity even more enduring than a twelve month calendar, for they can be passed down year after year from generation to generation.

Small Business Advertising Is More Effective Using Our Business Marketing Idea

Once you have one of our custom books built specifically for your small business, you can use it in many different ways to attract and keep customers.

Used as gifts, our kids books can work to garner a wealth of good will for you and your business.  They highlight your business and make it more real to your customers by uplifting their communication and affinity levels regarding your business and its products or services. 

Books help in building strong brand by keeping your business upfront and talked about by customers.

Another great advantage is that your custom book is likely to create more word of mouth buzz, because the book is something people can easily share with family and friends.   

We believe using books as gifts for building brand can be a dynamic small business strategy for creating lasting customer relationships.

Another way to use your custom book is for incentives.  

For example, if you owned a restaurant you could include a book for buying a coffee and a desert or maybe as part of a lunch special.  It is all about finding creative uses to boost your advertising and public relations.

You can also just sell the book.  By displaying and selling the book at your business, you will get all the advertising and public relations benefits, plus you are able to recoup the money you spent on the books.  

Small Business Advertising and Public Relations

Public relations is a subject that is associated with creating a desired perception about something or someone.  It is meant to gain the agreement, cooperation or support of others. 

In order to fully understand this concept of public relations, however, it has to include the actuality of promoting good products and/or good services.  

Public relations should have nothing to do with exaggeration and lies.  It is not meant for spinning something bad into something that looks good.  That is deception, not public relations.

For our intent, public relations means reaching people with an idea that they can agree with.   Books Make Booms believes that a kids book passes every test for gaining such agreement.  Customized for your business, it is a perfect public relations vehicle.  

I'd like to mention, when it comes to running a small business, it is important to understand that there is simply no substitute for good products and good service, for good manners and true help.  As long as your business is built on sound principles and good manners as well as the delivering of good products and good services, it can and will succeed. 

Our custom books are designed to boost many aspects of your business success.  These custom-made children's books are built to give your small business advertising and public relations that special boost.

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