Enhance your Small Business Image with a Custom Book

A positive small business image can be greatly enhanced by positioning your business in a way that engages participation from the whole family.  Our small business marketing idea of using kids books as a positioning device goes a long ways towards achieving that highly valued image.

Who doesn't like a good kids rhyme? or children storybooks?

Certainly, most of us do!

By having a custom book built around your business, you have a ready-made good will ambassador to help create and sustain a good public relation image.  

Your Small Business Image and the Future

Kids stories span the generation gap.  They can be entertaining as well as educational.  The possibilities are only limited by our imagination.  

Applying the principle of Books Make Booms to your business, we believe kids storybooks will have a greater audience than a dry fact based book that lacks any pizazz for engaging and holding your book readers.  

We have nothing against building such fact based books for educational purposes, but that is a much smaller audience than a book the whole family can relate to.  With kids books we are thinking of the future.  A future when your business passes into the next generation and beyond.  

A good small business image takes good service, good manners and good products.  Our book adds the exclamation Point!

A small business cannot afford to turn customers away with bad manners, poor service or products that fail to deliver what the customer expects.

If you are an ice cream parlor and you only have one flavor of ice cream, you are in trouble.  If your counter person is impolite and unprofessional, your image will suffer.  If we supplied you with a book full of mis-spelled words and depressing characters, your image might be a bit tarnished.  Thankfully, we pride ourselves in write uplifting and positive books without errors to the best of our ability.  

Any errors or mistakes anyone might find are quickly updated and remedied by ourselves at Amazon.  Even the best and stringently edited books can be found to have a glitch here and there, but because of our print on demand policies we can quickly update ours unlike traditional mass produced printings.  

Our book cannot provide your employees with good manners, nor make poor service any better.  We cannot change how many flavors of ice cream you offer.  Only you and your employees can live up to that part of the equation for creating your small business image.

Your small business image exclamation point!

To discuss a custom book for your business, please contact us at maryandrichard@quickturtlebooks.com