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One Night At The Daily Grind

The Coffee Bean Stowaways

The coffee bean stowaways; Americano, Latte, Cappucino and Hammerhead plan to make a huge caffeinated splash in America as The Bean Bag Band.  Find out what shenanigans they get in to at the Daily Grind Coffee House after the proprietors and customers go home for the day.

Americano is one of the coffee bean stowaways.  He is a green coffee bean from Columbia.  He's the leader of the band, a real fast talker with his harmonica and blue guitar.

Latte stowed away in a coffee bag of French roast.  She arrived in America with her harp and her French flair on a UPS flight from France.

Another of the coffee bean stowaways is Cappuccino.  He brought his booming voice and his violin from a little opera village in Italy.  

Then there is Hammerhead.  She's from Jamaica.  She rounds out the band on drums.   She's a real coffee girl with a quick, hard beat.

The Coffee Bean Bag Band At The Daily Grind 

The Daily Grind is a Michigan Coffee House located in Mio, Michigan.  That is where the stowaways land in their quest for stardom.

One Night At The Daily Grind is a kids book created in collaboration with the owners of the coffee house.  It is part of Books Makes Booms custom book series for small businesses like The Daily Grind.   You can check out more of our personalized books under the heading Custom Books in our navigation side-bar.

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